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 EVENT DATE: August 13-15, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: August 23, 2021

The IPSC VIRTUAL LITERATURE FEST 2021 Li-T-heatrics जश्न-ए-साहित्य was hosted by RKK Girls' Public School, Jodhpur.
It comprised of 6 events. Our children exhibited their brilliance in events with perfection.

Their bang-on performances comprised of 5 CERTIFICATES OF EXCELLENCE. The achievers from our school were-

Ashwin D Purohit (Event- Rock n LOL)

DC Khushi (Event- मैं समय हूं)

Diya Agrawal (Event- We...Verse)

Renae Debnath (Event- We... Verse)

Kavya Bhardwaj (Event- जज़्बा)

Epic moments with modern resonance were created by the participants of 25 schools in the IPSC Literature Fest.

Force Fest 2K21
 EVENT DATE: August 12-14, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: August 20, 2021

Our school was a part of the Force Fest 2K21 which was organised by the Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park from 12th August to 14th August 2021. Schools from across the country participated in this event.


CONCLAVE 2021 : An online Cornucopia of Literary and Cultural Competitions
 EVENT DATE: August 17, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: August 18, 2021

Our students bagged laurels for the school in a mega event, CONCLAVE' 2021 : An online Cornucopia of Literary and Cultural Competitions . It was organised by the Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Delhi. On a very short notice, our students fastened their belts and participated in 12 events. Schools not only from India but also across the borders were a part of this mega event.

Our student Joy Khandelwal of Class XI secured SECOND position in "PICK THE POLICY- PPT EVENT" (Classes 11 and 12).
Pranjal Bhardwaj of Class X also won the SECOND place in the "SELF-WRITTEN HINDI POEM EVENT" (Classes 9 and 10).
We are proud of our children for standing out and not become a face in the crowd but a face of the crowd.

75th Independence Day Celebrations
 EVENT DATE: August 15, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: August 17, 2021

At school, Independence Day celebrations frequently entail a beautifully decorated campus with National Flag, ribbons and balloons, students joyfully singing the National Anthem, and students anticipating some fantastic dance and song performances. Although Covid-19 has closed schools this year, giving the 75th Independence Day celebrations a new twist. The enthusiasm is still there. The patriotism has now found a digital expression.

Channelising the creativity of students through an online celebration, today, LKSEC celebrated the 75th INDEPENDENCE DAY through online platform with fervour, full of enthusiasm, children performed and glorified the event. Jai Hind!!

 EVENT DATE: July 23-25, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: August 07, 2021

Congratulation !! Kudos !!

Without a question, computers and information technology have altered the course of history.

The IPSC IT Fest - 2021 was organised virtually by BK Birla Centre for Education, Pune from 23rd to 25th July 2021.

A mesmerizing total of 34 schools represented by 674 participants from all over the country made this event a successful one.

Students of LKSEC added feathers to the achievements of our school.

Following were the events in which we won laurels.

Participants - Gayatri P and Arpit Agarwala
2. Babbage Programming - THIRD POSITION
Participant- Gayatri P

Our team was one of the top 5 teams in IT Quiz event.

Kudos Team LKS!!

Next to Efforts is the appreciation for them
 EVENT DATE: July 25, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: July 25, 2021

The Jaipur College of Pharmacy organized an All India Essay Writing Competition in which our student JOY KHANDELWAL secured first position.

His essay was titled upon "LIFE DURING COVID". We are ecstatic to be able to develop not only writers, but also aspiring artists who are capable of bridging the gap between imagination and reality. Congratulations Joy!!

 EVENT DATE: July 05-07, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: August 04, 2021

MAYO College, Ajmer hosted a well-structured first virtual IPSC TEACHERS' CONCLAVE from July 5th to 7th, 2021. A total of 49 schools took part, with 98 passionate educators from all around the country contributing their expertise. The LK Singhania Education Centre was represented by Madam Abira Dey and Madam Purnima Gupta.

The theme revolved upon society 5.0- A model Japan has been working towards since 2016. Mr Deep Kapuria, Chairman of Hi-Tech Group of Companies, Mr R. Shriram, Principal of The Mann School, and Dr Urvashi Aneja, Founding Director of Tandem Research, were the event's keynote speakers. With their intelligent contributions, they added to this fascinating experience.

The first day's activities began with an inauguration ceremony and a presentation by Mr Deepak Kapuria (Mayo College graduate and Chairman of Hi-Tech Company), followed by group discussions in several breakout rooms. Mr Kapuria focused on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Society 5.0 as a framework for achieving the SDGs. He backed up his claims with facts and figures that made us aware of the situation.

Mr S. Sriram, Principal of The Mann School, was the keynote speaker for the second day. It was a focused seminar that provided insights into a future Society 5.0 model. Examining a technology-assisted human-centric society with the integration of cyberspace and physical space, the numerous roles of AI, difficulties, and solutions to social problems employing Green technology.

A instructive seminar was given in the most straightforward manner possible, leaving everyone with hopes, acute sensitivity, and a sense of responsibility. The keynote speaker's session was followed by GD in the breakout rooms, with each group's observations eventually shared.

Dr Urvashi Aneja gave a very informative presentation on the third day. The discussion was completely enthralling, broadening everyone's horizons on everything from massive capacity improvements, early disease diagnosis, and a leap in crop yields to risks to one's privacy, expanding inequities, and their consequences on the labour market, all of which were discussed without bias. The lively Q&A session provided everyone with valuable information and a fresh viewpoint. The keynote speaker's session was followed by a presentation by Gen. Kulkarni, Director, Mayo College, who summarised the conclave's views.

The conclave concluded with the recognition that the Sustainable Development Goals in education can only be met if no student or educator is left behind during the upskilling process for the Futuristic Society- Society 5.0

Merit Certificates in the AISSCE 2020 (Class XII) by CBSE for scoring highest marks in the Country
 EVENT DATE: June 26, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: July 10, 2021

It is a matter of great pride for us when our students achieve anything. This feat is no different. 8 of our brilliant students were awarded merit certificates for scoring the highest marks in Fine Arts and Hindi in All India Senior School Certificate Examination 2020 (AISSCE).

Following are the students -

Seema Kanwar Charan

Anant Raj Singh

Aryan Thakur

Rishita Sharma

Shreya Bhagat

Shubham Rathi

Vedanshi Singhal

Yadvee Jalan

Student Meeting
 EVENT DATE: April 28, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: April 29, 2021

The CBSE had to cancel the BOARD examination due to COVID's disastrous figures. Escorts were required to transport the school's students. Before escorting them, we gave them all the guidance they needed to defend themselves against COVID. In difficult circumstances, the God increases human capacities. The values of learning, sharing, and caring are instilled in children through hostel life.
This gives them the ability to be self-sufficient. They are not scared or nervous, despite the fact that many of them are travelling alone for the first time. Small activities like these help them to build and deepen a sense of duty.
The older children, recognized as "Group Leaders," are the first to announce that they have arrived safely. This point alone demonstrates the extent of our efforts. We go through the most important things to consider while packing for a flight, such as handbags and cabin bags, COVID Protocols to follow, how to protect yourself from COVID, and other safety tips to keep at home. As they board the bus, respected Principal Sir Mr. RC Joshi, PRO Mr. Pranay Kumar, and their house masters/house mothers are all present. We say our final goodbyes.
We comfort them as if they were our own children, just as we would comfort our own children.
Keep in mind that everything passes, even though things are complicated. Patience, discipline, and trust in God are all traits that we must maintain. Ensure that you take good care of yourself.

Creative Expressions through Open Art Competition
 EVENT DATE: April 21, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: April 27, 2021

L K Singhania Education Centre, Gotan organised Drawing and Painting Competition for the Boarders on 21st April, 2021. These competitions not only provide them an opportunity to show case their talents but also expose them to new learning environments which help them unlock their true potential and be the better learners for life. In these competitions, students have participated with zeal and enthusiasm. They expressed their creative ideas through brushes and paints. Winners were awarded at the end of competition.

Musical Rings
 EVENT DATE: April 20, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: April 27, 2021

The Activity was conducted on 20th April, 2021. The motive behind conducting this activity was entertainment and mental growth of students. All the students thoroughly enjoyed. Winners were awarded at the completion of the competition. Overall, it was a fantastic and fun-filled evening.

Dance Pe Chance Competition
 EVENT DATE: April 19, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: April 30, 2021

To showcase the talent of the budding dancing stars of LKSEC, a dance competition was organized on 19th April, 2021 in Abhimanyu House. Boarders of various boarding houses participated in this competition.
The competition consisted of two rounds- Preliminary Round followed by the Final. The competition was judged by our Kathak teachers Ms. Preety Rocky and Mr. Rajendra Songara. Everyone enjoyed these enthusiastic and fantabulous performances.
The winners were awarded by respected Principal Sir Mr. R.C. Joshi. To keep the participants' spirit high and maintained, they were also recognized and awarded by Vice Principal Mr. PR Kumar and Head Master Middle School Mr. Sanjeev Kumar.
The results of the competition are as follows:-
     1st - Rishabh Jain, Standard IX, Prahlad House
     2nd - (Shared between) Rohit Rathore, Standard II and Tanish Chopra, Standard IV (Ab.B)
     3rd - Divya, Standard VII, Kaveri House
The programme was conducted by Ms. Rekha Sah, Ms. Laxmi Nidhi, Ms. Geeta Verma and Ms. Neha Gupta.

 EVENT DATE: April 18, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: May 03, 2021 

In house Science Quiz was conducted on 18 April 2021 in Abhimanyu House among the students of Abhimanyu, Dhruv, Kaveri and Prahlad. The event was headed by the Science Department.
School Vice Principal Mr. P. R. Kumar was the chief guest on the occasion and the Guest of Honour was headmaster (Middle School) Mr. Sanjeev Kumar.
The entire activity was coordinated by Mr. B K Jha and the activities were conducted by Ms. Geeta Verma, Mr. Rahul Mishra and Mr. Yogesh Pant.
Keeping in mind the importance of physical health; for the first time one round on Yogic Science was introduced and was conducted by Mr. B. K. Jha.
Quiz masters - Master Param Chapadia, Master Chaitanya Chand and Master Manan Agarwal also did fantastic job in conducting the event. Vice Principal Mr. P.R. Kumar in his speech explained the students about 'Think and Learn' Out of Box. Headmaster Mr. Sanjeev Kumar appreciated the entire event. H.O.D (Science) Mrs. NC Bindumol congratulated all the members of science department on the successful conduct of the event. The in house quiz was truly very informative and students enthusiastically participated. The day was concluded with the declaration of the results and students smiling faces also added the actual beauty to the event....


14th National Maths Convention
 EVENT DATE: February 12-14, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: May 04, 2021

Yashika Gupta of class 6 orange participated in a puzzle competition based on ancient mathematics from around the world. Due to her excellent presentation, she was chosen in the ultimate round of 1 to 12 students, and after a tough fight among these 12 students, she was judged as the third ranker in this puzzle competition. During this period of lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus, Yashika has accepted any challenge and has readied and proved in front of powerful entities from the organisation All India Ramanujan Maths Club, Gujarat.
This meeting was held via Zoom, and despite the fact that she had no academic support from others, she conceptualised, prepared, and presented this puzzle in an excellent manner. The LKSEC family wishes her the best of luck in her future ventures. This National Maths Convention was held from 12-14 Feb 2021 in virtual mode.


 EVENT DATE: February 12, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: February 20, 2021

In the 14th Convention of the All India Ramanujan Maths Club, Rajkot, Mr. Anjan Kumar Thakur, one of our Maths faculty, was conferred the eminent National Best Maths Teacher Award for his esteemed dedication and devotion towards Teaching and propagating Education. He was one of the 7 teachers to be honored with this prestigious award.

Officially Amazing!!
 EVENT DATE: February 10, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: February 20, 2021

Speaking more isn't a problem, speaking fast is. One of our outshining minds, Master Aditya Atul achieved a similar feat by performing his self-authored rap of 82 words in a matter of just 13 seconds, thus touching a dashing speed of 6.09 words per minute. Authorized by the IWR FOUNDATION (INDIA'S WORLD RECORDS), he broke this world record on 10th February 2021.

(Click to visit official website)


Bihar Math Olympiad Achievement/Event
 EVENT DATE: January 12, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: February 18, 2021

Rishabh Agarwal of class XI participated in Bihar Math Olympiad and secured a position in TOP - 15. A big congratulations to him.

(Click to view details)


 EVENT DATE: January 6, 2021     PUBLISHED DATE: January 6, 2021

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the Goal"

UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, Russia conducted a project for UNESCO ASPnet schools for Shanghai Cooperation Organisation countries (China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) on four categories. Schools from seven countries participated in the said event conducted under the umbrella of UNESCO banner. Our school's video was adjudged as winner in the category "How to achieve Zero Poverty through Education".

The achievement by the mentors of the school and the creative students was lauded by Raghavpat Singhania, President LKSEC & Managing Director J.K. Cement Ltd. immensely. In his message he especially stated that he is very sanguine that the institution is working on the ideas and aspirations of our late CMD Sh. Yadupati Singhania, who used to say, “Education is the best way to remove poverty.”

 EVENT DATE: December 31, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: February 24, 2021

In this modern world, where mathematics is base to every machinery, whether it's from a small needle to the most powerful supercomputers.
An evolving mind of LK Singhania Education Centre, Gotan has brought laurels for LKS family in the mathematics field.
Chhavi Tiwari of class 10th participated in All India Ramanujan Maths Club Competition held on 31st December 2020. This competition included general maths and Cryptarithmetic which is a very fresh concept in Mathematics history. She has secured second position all over India in class 9th -11th category. She also received a merit certificate, a cash prize of Rs.500 and a gift voucher.




 EVENT DATE: December 24, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: January 16, 2021

Once again our students have added another feather to our cap of achievement.
Two of our students : DC .Khushi (class 11)and Mehak Mukim (11) represented LKS in an Online Inter school competition- COGNIZANCE , for students of classes 9 & 11 organized by Arwachin International school , Delhi , on the Occasion of National Consumer Rights Day (24th Dec). 20 Schools of Delhi and outside participated in it.

Our students participated in two events and brought laurels to LKSEC in both of them, THAT TOO AT A SHORT NOTICE OF JUST 2 DAYS :

1. Act of Awareness (Mono Acting on Consumer Rights and awareness)
DC. Khushi (class 11) secured First position in the event

2. Post an Awareness (Poster Making)
Mehak Mukim (class 11) secured Third position in the event

Android App Design Event Achievement
 EVENT DATE: December 5, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: January 16, 2021

Bal Bhavan Public School, Mayur Vihar-II, New Delhi in the collaboration with Atal Tinkering Lab, NITI Ayog, CBSE Delhi organised TinkerFest Program where Students across the country showcased their Problem Solving and Innovative Skills. In Android App Design Event (Topic - Health Tracker) Gayatri P – Head Girl and Rishita Bafna won Third Position nationwide.

ONLINE : "OBJECT TALK" on Monsoon Theme
 EVENT DATE: December 5, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: December 20, 2020

“If you have good communication skill, confidence and right attitude you can become the face of crowd” - R C Joshi (Principal) L K Singhania Education Centre.

L K Singhania Education Centre, Gotan pays a lot of attention on developing communication skill of students. Here is an example of our tiny tots displaying the same. Look at the confidence with which they accomplished their task of ‘OBJECT TALK’ on Monsoon theme. Parents also deserve accolades for amazing props.

 EVENT DATE: October 15-18, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: January 7, 2021

In this advancing world, where technology is achieving new heights everyday, the coding minds of LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE, GOTAN have maintained a pretty long history with a wagon of awards, especially in the IT events. Even the CORONA Pandemic couldn’t hinder our endeavours in session 2020-2021, in which the students bagged a range of achievements for the School.

Our students proved their mettle in COMFEST - 2020, conducted ONLINE by Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur. Our school was one of the 55 premier schools from India and abroad. Needless to say, our students won prizes in the Five different events. In the limelight was Gayatri P who won prizes in three different events.

Pandora Box (Surprised Software)
THIRD Position - Gayatri P

Deeds On Sheets (Fine Arts)
THIRD Position - Anushka Maurya

Vid - Ed (Video Editing Event)
THIRD Position - Uday Patel

WEBTECH (Website Designing)
SECOND Position - Gayatri P

Wiz-Pro (Programming)
THIRD Position - Gayatri P

LKS Budding Artists’ work- ‘Treat to Eyes’
 EVENT DATE: September 02, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: December 22, 2020

The young painters of LKSEC have stamped their calibre in yet another competition beyond school borders

LKSians left a distinctive hallmark of ever- rising creativity across different event categories in SRIJANYAM: Online Inter School Art & Design Fest 2020 organized by The Assam Valley School, where these students mesmerised everyone with their spectacular imagination under able guidance of Ms. Geetanjali Pandey and Mr Biplav Agasty.

MUN ki Baat
 EVENT DATE: August 14, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: August 04, 2021

Over the course of two days at the 4th edition of BSPMUN 2020, 6 of our many brilliant scholars had learnt a lot and evolved tremendously in the art of Model United Nations or MUN. Ms. Abira Dey came to know about this online edition of the program, which is being held for the last 3 years in BIRLA SCHOOL PILANI. The children registered. Most of them being first- timers had no idea. But, we are glad to announce that they have outshined many other delegates in the conference and excelled with flying colours.

From 15th August, on such an auspicious occasion of Independence Day, they had begun to pave their way to success in this conference. With the open ceremony boosting the spirits in them, they had burnt their midnight oil in the following total of 4 sessions over 48 hours.

On 16th evening, at the deciding hour, we were gladdened when 2 delegates, Joy Khandelwal, and Adarsh S Menon got the “Best Delegate Award”. Along with them were Ashwin D Purohit and Niranjan Singh who got “Special Commendation” from the Executive Boards. Two other delegates, Drishya S Menon and Aditya Atul also did exceptionally well in an unconventional Commitee, the All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM). We are overwhelmingly proud of our students. Bringing accolades to the school and more notably, adding skills to their own skillset is something every LKSian aspires of.

Online Cultural & Fine Arts Competition
 EVENT DATE: June 08, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: June 09, 2020

In such a time of uncertainty when the whole world is at a pause, the Music and the Fine arts department of the L.K. Singhania Education Centre, Gotan conducted an online cultural and fine arts competition for classes III to VIII in the month of May 2020. The students were required to send their entries for the respective competitions to the concerned department members separately from 17 May to 20 May 2020. This was an initiative to maintain the keen interest of students towards co-curricular activities and uplifting their talents in all aspects of life when they are away from school.

A total of 135 students participated enthusiastically in the competition. It was a nice exhibition of skills and creativity which was praised and applauded by everyone. Every entry was unique in itself and it was actually very difficult for the teacher in charges to decide the winners. The active participation of the students is a perfect of example of never giving up and being a true LKSians with the true spirit.

Mr. R.C. Joshi, the Principal along with all the faculty members appreciated the sincere efforts of the members of the Music and the Fine arts department and congratulated the shimmering LKSians who bagged positions in the various competitions.

One can go as far as his mind lets for the betterment of all if we believe we can do it, remember we can definitely achieve it…..

Maha Shivratri Celebrations
 EVENT DATE: Feb 22, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: Feb 24, 2020

Celebrating the occasion of Maha Shivratri with great fervour and enthusiasm with the entire LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE family! Our President, Arora sir and our Vice President, Arora Ma'am graced the occasion with puja, followed by celebrations of joy with all the staff members and students.

Admissions 2020
 EVENT DATE: Feb 02, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: Feb 04, 2020

More and more people coming with their children for admissions to the prestigious #residential #school #LKSinghania #Education #centre in #jabalpur and #satna in #madhyapradesh ! We are delighted to see such a brilliant turnout in every city that we are going to! It'll be great to welcome you all wonderful students at this centre of excellence.

Admission Tests
 EVENT DATE: Jan 29, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: Jan 31, 2020

#kolkata Children taking admission tests for the prestigious LK Singhania Education Centre Gotan. We hope to see them as part of the #LKSinghania family soon! #admissions2020 #residentialschool #world #class

Celebrate the 71st Republic Day
 EVENT DATE: Jan 27, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: Jan 28, 2020

Celebrations are in order for our 71st Republic Day and at LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE, we always do that well for each of the occasions. Patriotism and the proud feeling of being Indian was shared by all!

Happy 71st Republic Day
 EVENT DATE: Jan 26, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: Jan 27, 2020

Justice, Liberty, Equality and Freedom of Speech. We at the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE GOTAN wish everyone a very Happy 71st Republic Day. Let us celebrate the day which gave us our Fundamental Rights: 1.Right to Education 2.Right to Freedom of Speech 3.Right against Exploitation 4.Right to Equality

Art Education
 EVENT DATE: Jan 20, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: Jan 22, 2020

#arteducation is not only a mandatory of the CBSE curriculum, it is also a very important cognitive skill in today's world. #creative thinking is a core skill that sets one apart and enables out-of-the-box thinking, which is needed for the development of entrepreneurial thinking in later life. At the #LKSinghania Education Centre Gotan, #art is a part of their daily lives where they learn to imagine, explore and take cognisance of their surroundings.

Lohri Celebrations
 EVENT DATE: Jan 13, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: Jan 14, 2020

And, scenes from the amazing Lohri celebrations from the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE FAMILY to your homes, spreading all the love and warmth! Wishing you all a very happy harvest festival!

New Year Party
 EVENT DATE: Jan 09, 2020     PUBLISHED DATE: Jan 11, 2020

#throwbackthursday Scenes from our spectacular new year party where fun was unlimited, as was as the sprit of each and every individual at the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE! We truly welcomed 2020 in style! #newyearseve #party #LKSinghania #fununlimited

New Year Celebrations
 EVENT DATE: Dec 31, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Jan 02, 2020

New year's means new beginnings, and we at the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE know how to ring it in with a bang! Here are glimpses from our celebrations at the school with our friends abd teachers, that are more like one big family!

 EVENT DATE: Dec 31, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Jan 02, 2020

And once again UDAYIN closed this year with a flourish! The LK SINGHANIA annual festival, which sees champions, creates impressions, and makes everlasting memories, came to an end yesterday amid ceremonies and tremendous energy all around. We would like to thank Shri Madan Singh Rathore, DIG (Operations) in the BSF, Rajasthan, again for gracing the ocassion as the Chief Guest. At the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE, everyone is a winner and we believe in nurturing talent all year round under the watchful eyes of our dedicated faculty. Let us take a peek at the closing ceremony and hail the overall winners of UDAYIN 2019: NILGIRI HOUSE!

Little Champs During UDAYIN
 EVENT DATE: Dec 30, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Jan 01, 2020

Some of our little champs during UDAYIN, 2019! Lots more to come so stay tuned and keep watching this space for more! Let us all keep their spirits up by cheering them on! #LKSinghania #udayin

Christmas Celebrations
 EVENT DATE: Dec 25, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Dec 27, 2019

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas yesterday. Scenes from our wonderful celebrations at the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE GOTAN with happy faces, warmth, light and love!

UDAYIN - Annual Festival
 EVENT DATE: Dec 24, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Dec 26, 2019

UDAYIN - our annual festival - started today with the brilliant opening ceremony. All members of our faculty, students and staff was present and participation was fantastic! Our president, Arora sir and our Vice President, Arora ma'am hoisted the national flag and the function started with a flourish. Some glimpses from our Christmas celebrations and the beginning of UDAYIN at the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE!

Inter-House Cross Country Race
 EVENT DATE: Dec 23, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Dec 25, 2019

The inter-house cross country race 2019 concluded successfully yesterday on a bright Sunday. The theme of the event was "Run for Unity". There were four participating groups in all (junior boys, girls, middle boys and senior boys). The distance covered by junior boys and girls was 1.5 km for each group, whereas for the middle school boys, it was 3.5 km and 5 km for senior boys.

Inter-House Cricket Match of Classes 3-5
 EVENT DATE: Dec 13, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Dec 15, 2019

Our children are all set for the inter-house cricket match of classes 3-5. Do cheer the teams on and wish them the best! #cricket #LKSinghania #excitement

 EVENT DATE: DEC 10, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: DEC 12, 2019

The following students of our school have been awarded THE CERTIFICATE OF MERIT for their outstanding performance in the Senior School Certificate Examination held in March 2019 by CBSE.







The criteria for the said award –
(i) Top 0.1% students will be awarded this certificate in each subject.
(ii) At least 500 candidates have passed in a particular subject.
(iii) The candidate has passed the Examination as per the pass criteria of the Board.
(iv) In the matter of tied, if one candidate gets a Merit Certificate, all the candidates getting the same score are awarded Certificate of Merit.
(v) Candidate(s) appeared for Improvement/Compartmental and additional subject’s is/are not eligible for award of Merit Certificate.

IPSC LITERARY FEST 2019 held at MGD Jaipur
 EVENT DATE: NOV 30, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Dec 2, 2019

And, we LKSians know how to end a week in style as well! LKSians claimed top notch position in IPSC LITERARY FEST 2019 held at MGD Jaipur Our students proved their mettle yet again by winning the Best Performance Award in 4 events. *In Sanskrit, Geet Shivangi Singh's melodious performance was recorded in the memory of every MGD teacher and audience so well that she was complemented by almost each one present in the campus.

 EVENT DATE: NOV 14, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: NOV 16, 2019

Children are our mirror to the world and it is through them that we see a golden future. This children's day, let's try and make a difference to little ones everywhere in whatever way we can. At the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE, we encourage and nurture them to the fullest so that they lead happy and fulfilled lives with less worry and struggle! We believe in raising happy children, not just successful ones.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur, had hosted Comfest-2019
 EVENT DATE: Oct 24, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Oct 24, 2019

Another brilliant performance by team #LKSinghania and a start to Diwali celebrations! Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur, had hosted Comfest-2019. A team of 17 students escorted by Mr. DK Gupta, Mr. Sandeep Sharma and Mrs. Sanju Tailor , participated in Comfest-19 from our school. A total of 55 Premier Schools from India and abroad participated in Comfest- 2019.

Congratulating our amazing team! #Basketball #under17 #boys #Champions
 EVENT DATE: Oct 17, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Oct 17, 2019

And as the week progresses, we keep getting better and better news! Our School Basketball Under 17 boys team lifted the Runners Up trophy in the IPSC Basketball Championship held at the Emerald Heights International School Indore! We are overjoyed andcwe hope you join us in congratulating our amazing team! #Basketball #under17 #boys #Champions

Declamation competition organised by S S Mody Vidya Vihar Jhunjhunu
 EVENT DATE: Oct 14, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Oct 14, 2019

#Mondays should always begin on a positive note! And, here's ours to begin with great excitement: LKS bagged I position in Declamation competition organised by S S Mody Vidya Vihar Jhunjhunu. The Topic for the competition was "Abrogation of article 370 is a boon for Jammu and Kashmir". School Captains Shubham Rathi and Yashika Singh participated in the competition and brought laurels for the school! Let us applaud and congratulate them in a big way 👏👏

Plantation & Conservation Of Water
 EVENT DATE: Sep 24, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Sep 24, 2019

PLANTATION & CONSERVATION OF WATER “The care for the earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our foremost responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope….” Keeping this thought in mind, a special assembly was organised on 18th September, 2019 in middle and junior sections of LK Singhania Education Centre, Gotan.

IPSC Basketball tournament (U-19 Boys)
 EVENT DATE: Sep 18, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Sep 18, 2019

IPSC Basketball tournament (U-19 Boys) LKSEC at all times assist in the understanding of what the strength and weaknesses of the students are through helping them overcome their obstacles to arrive at successful result and help them build the self-esteem and confidence most required in life. This approach has contributed in the rise of achievements in different fields of which Games and sports is one. IPSC Basketball tournament (U-19) that was held at Mayo College, Ajmer from 9 September to 13 September 2019 shows us a glimpse of that.

IPSC Championship on Yoga
 EVENT DATE: Sep-15, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Sep-15, 2019

Two of our very talented children, Jagdish from class III and Daniyal from class V, are all set to leave for Pilani to participate in the IPSC Championship on Yoga. Here's wishing them lots of love and luck from all of us!

IPSC Visual Arts Fest held at Daly College, Indore
 EVENT DATE: Sep 14, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Sep 14, 2019

It's really a matter of great pride for LK Singhania Education Centre that 15 of our students from the Fine Arts' Department performed brilliantly at the IPSC Visual Arts Fest held at Daly College, Indore. Vedanshi Singhal & Rishika Singhi (Macrame) and Pixy Sinha & Yadvee Jalan (Artificial Flower Making) class XII secured 1st position and received a tag of *Outstanding Performance* amongst 20 different IPSC Schools. Many Congratulations to all the participants and their teachers, Geetanjali Ma'am(HOD), Biplav Sir and Shrawan Sir!

Closing Ceremony - All India IPSC Skating Competition
 EVENT DATE: Sep 10, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Sep 10, 2019

Closing Ceremony - All India IPSC Skating Competition A grand closing ceremony of the All India IPSC Skating Competition was conducted on 8th September 2019 in which famous former international skater and coach of Indian Skating team Mr. Praveen Deshpande graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. He was also accompanied by his wife, Mrs Bhavika Praveen Deshpande. They were welcomed by the Vice President of the school Mrs Sushma Arora with a bouquet. School captain Yashika Singh gave a brief history of the brilliant career of Mr Praveen Deshpande, which was inspirational for the budding skaters of today.

Media coverage of the IPSC Skating Competition
 EVENT DATE: Sep 8, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Sep 8, 2019

And here's some spectacular media coverage of the IPSC Skating Competition, which was held at the LK Singhania Education Centre, Goran! 14 schools from across the country participated in this pulse-racing event that was on for 3days!Please join us in congratulating all the participating teams and the hosts, who have planned everything brilliantly as always. #lksec #skating #championship #IPSC

IPSC Skating Competition (U 11, 14, 17 & 19 ) 2019
 EVENT DATE: Sep 7, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Sep 7, 2019

The school campus buzzed with energy as the participants of 14 schools, which participated in the All India IPSC Skating Competition from 6th September to 8th September, 2019.The Competition was inaugurated by the President of the school Mr B K Arora. Smt Sushma Arora Vice President of the school graced the occasion as Guest of Honor. Guests were welcomed with bouquets by the members of portfolio holders of school students' council.The grand gala began with beautiful march past on the tune of beautiful melody of school's pipe band.Chief guest Mr B K Arora welcomed all the participants. In his speech Mr Arora extended his best wishes to all the participants and hoped that players will display the true spirit of sportsmanship. He emphasized the need for stamina as well as skill of all participants.

31st August Day Celebration
 EVENT DATE: Aug 30, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 31, 2019

31st August Day Celebration of L K Singhania Education Centre! The Annual day celebration is a very special occasion for any institution, its a day to recognise the hard work of the students across various spheres of schooling.The program began with the welcoming of the chief guest Vice Air Marshal Mr. LN Sharma, a senior and decorated Air Force Officer, Indian Air Force by Mr BK Arora, President of the school, followed by lightning of the lamp in front of Maa Sarawati to invoke her blessings. Chief guest AVM Mr LN Sharma, Mr B K Arora President of the school, Mrs Sushma Arora Vice President of the school, Mr R C Joshi Principal, Mr P R Kumar Vice Principal, Mr Subodh Kumar Bursar along with other members of administration of the school accomplished the duty.

Lady Anusuiya Singhania Memorial All India English Debate 2019
 EVENT DATE: Aug 30, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 30, 2019

30 August Day Celebration of L K Singhania Education Centre! Lady Anusuiya Singhania Memorial All India English Debate 2019 Another round of intellectual discussion began on 27th August 2019 in the form of English Debate on the topic 'Artificial intelligence will replace the counter-intuitive thinking and will takeover the world'. 60 participants from 30 schools of repute took part in it.The program began with the welcoming of the chief guest Mr. Kapil Mishra, guest of honor President of the school Mr. B K Arora , and special guest Mrs. Sushma Arora.Principal Mr RCJoshi in his welcoming speech welcomed all the guests, participants and their escorts to the magnificent pandal to debate on one of the hottest debatable topic of today's

 EVENT DATE: Aug 29, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 29, 2019

SCIENCE QUIZE 2019 Here's announcing the SIR PADAMPAT SINGHANIA MEMORIAL ALL INDIA SCIENCE QUIZ 2019! On 28th August, after heavy intellectual debating for two days, competitors from 23 school buckled to compete for the prestigious Sir Padampat Singhania Memorial All India Science Quiz. The quiz was divided in two preliminary rounds and one final round. Top eight teams from the preliminary rounds completed in the final round.The program started with welcoming Chief guest Mr B K Arora, President of the school, Mrs Sushma Arora Vice President of school. Later on, quiz master Mr Abhishek Sengupta was welcomed by Vice President Mrs Sushma Arora.

Lady Anusuiya Singhania Memorial All India Hindi Debate 2019
 EVENT DATE: Aug 28, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 28, 2019

Lady Anusuiya Singhania Memorial All India Hindi Debate 2019 New session, new debate topic, new faces, full of enthusiasm!62 participants of 31 schools got ready to put forward their concrete arguments in the series of All India Debate Competition. On the first day of the competition, participants put forth their views in the Hindi Debate on the topic : "धारा 370 और अनुच्छेद 35 A को समाप्त किए बिना कश्मीर-समस्या का समाधान संभव नहीं था" President Mr. B K Arora graced the first session of the competition as the chief guest while Mrs Sushma Arora Vice President of the school was Guest of honor.

Finals of All India IPSC Hockey under 15 tournament on 25th August, 2019
 EVENT DATE: Aug 26, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 26, 2019

Finals of All India IPSC Hockey under 15 tournament on 25th August, 2019The under 15 hockey tournament full of zeal and zest came to an end on 25th August. After contesting with a lot of positive energy, teams of Lawrence School Sanawar and Pinegrove School Solan were able to reach the finals of the tournament.

 EVENT DATE: Aug 25, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 25, 2019

The All India IPSC (Indian Public Schools’ conference) Hockey Tournament (U 15) has been organised at the LK Singhania Education Centre, Gotan from 23rd to 25th August 2019. Our Principal Mr. R. C. Joshi has said that schools of great repute from all over India, like Punjab Public School, Nabha, Mayo School, Ajmer, The Scindia School, Gwalior, The Lawrence School, Sanawar, Pinegrove School, Solan and host school LK Singhania Education Centre, Gotan, are participating in the tournament. Opening Ceremony began with the grand display of pipe band of the school, which was followed by the oath taking ceremony by the captains of various teams. The President of our school, Mr. B K Arora presided over the function as a chief guest in the opening ceremony of the tournament. Vice President Mrs. Sushma Arora's presence as Guest of Honor enriched the grace of the opening ceremony. Mr. B K Arora welcomed all the participating teams in the campus. He motivated the participants and encouraged them to give their best in whichever field they are participating.

 EVENT DATE: Aug 23, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 23, 2019

Finally, it's on! The 3-day All India IPSC Hockey Tournament starts at the LK Singhania Education Centre today! Please join us in cheering us on 😊 #hockeytournament #IPSC #lksec

 EVENT DATE: Aug 21, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 21, 2019

We are delighted to announce our Chief Guest for the upcoming IPSC Hockey tournament for boys (under 15)! This will be held from 23-25 August at the LK Singhania Education Centre. #lksec #hockey #ipsc #tournament

The India`s School Merit Awards
 EVENT DATE: Aug 19, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 19, 2019

#Mondays are to be cherished because they bring new opportunities and hopes for another bright week ahead. For all of us at LK Singhania Education Centre, we welcome Mondays with zeal and enthusiasm. And this is one of the many reasons why:LK Singhania Education Centre has been Ranked No.7 in India, No.1 in Rajasthan & No.1 in Nagaur in the Category - ‘India`s Top 20 Day-Cum-Boarding School’ in a survey conducted by Education Today.The India`s School Merit Awards was held at The Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore. On behalf of our school, Vice Principal, Mr. PR Kumar and Head Master – Senior School attended the function and received the said award.Huge round of applause for everyone!

Rakshabandhan Celebration
 EVENT DATE: Aug 16, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 16, 2019

#Rakshabandhan is not only to celebrate the bond between brother and sister but among everyone who love and care for each other. This festival, let us come together to celebrate and strive towards making the world a safer place for one and all! At the LK Singhania Education Centre, the festival is marked with love and happiness with our teachers, friends, and the entire staff which is our extended family. #love #safety #lksec #family #festival

Happy Independence Day
 EVENT DATE: Aug 15, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 16, 2019

Here's wishing every proud Indian a very happy Independence Day from all of us at the LK Singhania Education Centre, Gotan. May our spirit of being truly secular and the biggest democracy in the whole world always stay bright! #JaiHind

Celebrating Teej Festival
 EVENT DATE: Aug 13, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 13, 2019

The festival of #Teej is one full of joy and colours, celebrated with great fervour across the country. At the LK Singhania Education Centre, we left no stone unturned to make sure that the festive spirit keeps its pace and everyone feels part of it in a big way.Thank you, Arora Ma'am for bringing about the best in each of us and for your continued love and support always!#lksec #festivals #love #family

Air commodore (Dr.) Ravi Shankar Upadhyaya (Retd.)

Chief Medical Officer

 EVENT DATE: Aug 08, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 08, 2019

Dr RS Upadhyaya has joined as CMO LKSEC w.e.f 08 Aug 2019. He superannuated from Indian Air Force as an Air Commodore recently. He is an alumnus of Armed Forces Medical College from where he did his MBBS. He obtained his Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Health Care Management & Post Graduate Diploma in Medico- Legal Systems from Symbiosis University. He has also done MBA in Management and M Phil in Human Resource. He has a total of 34 years of experience in Healthcare delivery and Healthcare Administration.

Dr. Ujwala Upadhyaya

Resident Medical Officer

 EVENT DATE: Aug 08, 2019     PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 08, 2019

Dr Ujwala Upadhyaya has joined LKSEC as an RMO. In addition to MBBS, She has also done her Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health from IGNOU, New Delhi. She is an accomplished Industrial Health Care Professional and has done her AFIH from Central Labour Institute. She has varied & years of experience of working at Schools, Rural Health Mission, Reputed Industries etc. In all she has 25 yrs of experience in healthcare delivery & Medical administration.

 EVENT DATE: APRIL 02, 2019      PUBLISHED DATE : APRIL 08, 2019

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website! Please take a look around and you will find many new features in our new website. The new site launched with great enthusiasm & fanfare, the URL is

Our new website delivers a clear message of who we are, what is our mission, vision and our core values. It is also fully responsive to mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices.


Olympic Sized Swimming Pool has been inaugurated at the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE by our honourable President, Arora sir and Vice President, Arora ma’am.


LK Singhania Education Centre celebrated the festival (like all others) with a huge amount of enthusiasm and love as a family. Dancing, Singing, Sweets, Laughter, Colours and Fun are the key ingredients to enjoy any special day and we did just that to celebrate this beautiful festival!

However, keeping the best interests of all our children as well as the staff at LKSEC, safety and hygiene are prime concerns and to ensure that nothing dampens this spirit of Holi, we play only with pure sandalwood powder without any chemicals or fear! The spirit of the festival kept intact and complete joy with no worries are maintained for the most amazing and memorable experience for each and every one.

 MARCH 7, 2019

“Science is a beautiful gift to humanity; one should not distort it”: APJ Abdul Kalam

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. We understand these words but do we really implement it in real life? At the LK Singhania Education Centre, we encourage our children to innovate and think out of the box to answer the question, WHY?

A special exhibition on Science & Mathematics was held in our school last week on the occasion of National Science Day. The enthusiasm of children was unparalleled and our President Sir and Vice President Ma’am, Mr and Mrs Arora respectively, along with the wonderful teachers at school, spoke to each child about their scientific experiment and innovation.

 MARCH 2, 2019

Board Exams are what finally determines all your hard work throughout the years. The class 12 boards by far are the most important in terms of realizing future careers and dreams, and as tradition goes, having curd and sugar are auspicious before sitting down for it.

Our school President and Vice President, Arora sir & Arora madam respectively, are blessing class XII students by feeding them curd and sugar, along with distributing chocolates for their successful board exams, wishing them all the very best!

Mathematics: The Gateway of all Sciences
 February 25, 2019

A special mathematics assembly was organised in the primary section assembly by class 4th Orange last week. The programme was anchored by Tanisha and Pooja and it was concluded with the words of appraisal and blessings for these kids by the HM sir.

With a thought that “Mathematics is the gateway of all sciences” the assembly started with Arundhati Singh and Landry reciting the table of 14.

Here are some major highlights of the assembly:

It was a hand-on activity of these kids to recognise the 3D shapes around them. They selected some 3D models from maths lab and searched the details in their book. Whatever they found was the soul of the assembly where they explained what they felt by observation.

Names of these platonic solids were hinted at with the help of teachers which were unavailable in their books. Some of our wonderful students, Tiya, Manisha, Yashika, Jahnavi , Keshav and Ansh displayed the solid shapes explaining the the Faces, Edges and the corners the shapes with their names. The shapes were Cube , Cuboid, pyramid, Prism, Tetrahedron and Pentagonal Prism.

Glimpses of “LAVANYA :2019 “ House Party KAVERI HOUSE
 February 24, 2019

The house party of Kaveri House was a spectacular event depicting real talent of the supremely focussed junior Kaverians who really left no stone unturned to woo the President, Vice President, Principal, Vice Principal, other administrative members and the audience. The programme had a bonanza of thoughtful and complicated socio – academic issues presented in a witty manner.