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TALK of Ms. Garima Panwar (IAS - old student)

Some insights of the Talk Show by Our Alumnus, IAS Officer Garima Panwar and Bhuvnesh Patil

Shalini Jain (IIM - Lucknow) and Ram Suthar (IIT - Bombay) (IIM - Calcutta)

"One who wins is the one who thinks he can....."

ARPAN (LKS Alumnus) - As the Name, so are his Attributes

Arpan is one of our passout students. There is a saying, "As the name, so are his attributes". Arpan is dashing on his path to success. But still, no matter how high he touches the sky, he has the same respect, regard and concern for his teachers as he had when he was a student. His only school was LKS. His mindset and persona are crystal clear. His readiness to give his all for the society and his juniors never fails to impress me. His devotion to school is so strong that he often discusses the learning and growth of school pupils. He has a deep and strong affinity with the school. The tips he has given in this video are really handy. I recommend you to watch it.

TALK of Ms. Shalini Jain (old student)

I have never heard a more inspiring, realistic and practical message than this. Crystal clear visionary videos like these are hard to find these days. I have no doubt that not only the children and parents but also the teachers have learned the significance of Real Education. Shalini Jain, we are proud of you! Not only because you studied Management at one of the most eminent and prestigious Indian Institutes of Manangement, neither because you came out with flying colours in co- curricular activities at school, nor because you have been the Hindi Editor of the school magazine, Creations.

But, because you have left no stone unturned and are a face of the crowd. Possessing such deep, mature and balanced mindset at such a tender age is truly a remarkable accomplishment of yours. If you want to know what should be paid extra attention to in a school, what enhances the chances of uncovering your children's inner talents, how are parents supposed to encourage children, then, listen to these three videos of Shalini.

She has discussed elaborately the ways by adopting which youngsters can develop their all-round personality.


As citizens across the globe practice social distancing and self-isolate, they wait for the novel Corona virus to slow to a halt, healthcare professionals are risking their own lives to bravely battle COVID-19 every single day.

The narrative we have shared you today is no exception.

After growing up in an ordinary family, Dr. Asha climbed to this position. Despite her young, she is the Chief Medical Officer. After only finishing the twelfth grade, she was able to receive medical. She had also performed admirably in twelfth grade. Dr. Asha is working till the wee hours of the night to aid COVID patients. She is In charge of the district as a whole.

This is a true humanitarian endeavour. She worked at AIIMS in Delhi for a period. She was approached by large private hospitals with intriguing offers. She, on the other hand, regarded medicine as a kind of service and devoted her life to helping the people of her state. Dr. Asha, we are really proud of students like you. We are glad that you have excellent social ideals in addition to being successful in your work. People like you are extraordinary examples of humanity. Please accept our warmest greetings and best wishes. May God provide you with the strength you need to complete this wonderful endeavour.

Dr. Asmita : We are proud of you!!

Dr. Asmita, may God give your spirits new wings so that you can soar even higher heights. You set an excellent example as a Doctor. In the pandemic period, all of us are well aware how direly we need doctors. We are proud of you!

In this video, Dr. Asmita has told how much coaching contributes to the success of a student, whether they should join coaching, and even if they need to, what would be the right time for them to do so.