Principal’s Message


Dear students, staff and parents

I welcome you all to this session of 2023! Our commitments have always been and will always be to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment where the students feel empowered academically, creatively and rationally so they may thrive in the twenty-first century.

I believe that in this unforgettable journey of learning and growth, we work together successfully to help them aim higher and strive for more. Our approach has always been an integrated one to provide an experience in various subjects. Learning by doing is the main objective more because the future seems to be all set to expand on trend of artificial intelligence. So, all our traditional approach of teaching and learning should explore the possibilities within the frame of machine intelligence instead of being guided by cocooned form of teaching-learning. Their inspiration and aspiration nowadays should be defined as trendspire for the unexplored realm of education. It is with pride that we hold these thoughts and standards and help them commit to maintaining the extraordinary record of achievements as a legacy of our school. Challenges, confidence, multitasking, and valuing time are some of the important aspects of experiential learning that we try to provide them keeping in mind the fact that it is important to give space for redressing of any unpredictability of randomness.

Our vision is to encourage the growth of existence that has a sense of belongingness; a spirit of “go ahead and try it”; the ability to convey an entire gamut of expressions, posing questions, examining possibilities; and applying skills to find solutions to issues. Besides encouraging exposure and extending varied opportunities to students in their sphere of interest, we make sure of their contribution to the nation as well as help them remain grounded in a collaborative and respectful manner.

I believe in tapping students’ resourcefulness to bring out their promising talent to the fore. So, my capacity brings to the focus the need for growth of students and staff; need for expression; and the need to make an informed choice and that’s what I am doing, while being aligned with the set targets and aims laid in the vision of the school. Together, we can make it possible. If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at I feel honoured to serve you.

Mr. R C Joshi

Know More About him

Mr. R C Joshi is an alumni of Birla Public School, Nainital and Lucknow University. He has taught Economics at the GD Birla Memorial School, Ranikhet (Almora) Uttrakhand and BRJD Public School,Bhorugram, Dist. Churu, Rajasthan .

He has been elected as Executive Committee Member of Indian Public Schools’ Conference (IPSC) during 69th Annual General Meeting of IPSC held at Welhem Girls School, Dehradun in 2009 and then Elected as Joint Director, Games & Sports, IPSC for two year in the 76th Annual General Meeting of IPSC held at Lawarence School, Lovedale, Karnataka in 2015.

He has been awarded with SARLA CHOPRA MEMORIAL SAMMAN BY AVANTIKA in 2008 for his invaluable & path-breaking contribution for the promotion of Social Welfare, Education, Indian Art and Culture and for setting many signposts, ignited many minds and widened many horizons.

He has been honoured with “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” by Federation of Independent School of India (FOISOI) for his valuable contribution in the field of Education Sector on 13 Dec 2010 at New Delhi by Smt. Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister Delhi

Mr. R C Joshi, Principal has been honoured with “Principal of the Year” award on 22nd May 2014 during Indian Education Congress 2014 (4th National Convention on Indian Education) organized by FRANCHISE INDIA in Vivanta by Taj, SURJKUND, DELHI for his outstanding contribution in the field of education sector.

He has been awarded with the “Uttarakhand Ratan Award 2015” by the Principals Progressive Schools’ Association, Uttarakhand, India

He has been awarded with the “Times Excellence in Education” award by Times of India, Jodhpur on 28th Jan, 2016.

He has authored four books – “Statistics for Economics” and “Indian Economics Development” for class XI, CBSE Board, “Microeconomics” and “Macroeconomics” for class XII, CBSE Board.