LKSEC always gives superfluous importance to Games and Sports. A lot of sports and extra curricular activities that are organized from time to time in the schools are helpful in the overall development of the students. The management never fails to acknowledge the potential of future sports-strengths. The sports facilities provided for the children by the school management are a testimony of the realization of that. The boys and girls from the junior sections are distributed in various games. It is scheduled in such a way that they get to learn each game for 1 month and then they move to other games. In the middle sections, the children get the opportunity to give their choices in the beginning of the session. They join that game throughout the year.

Senior students play the game which they select in the beginning of the session. Games and sports are compulsory for every student. The physical activities start at early morning at 5.30. The children are divided in groups and they do Yogaasanaa.

The school has infrastructure for nearly all types of sports activities. The School Administration runs a well equipped sports complex. The school is well equipped to cater to player’s need in sports like swimming, athletics, tennis, gyms, football and cricket etc. The school offers a wide range of opportunities from mass P.T to the field events. Compulsory participation in games keeps the children physically and mentally fit.

Sports have become a sort of oxygen for our prestigious institution. The school gives all exciting opportunity to the young potential children and sports activity is the first step in transforming potentiality into reality.

The school management and the administration always give special emphasis on sports towards contribution to the all round development of children. And this is what sets the school apart in the growing milieu of public schools.


A collection of sports events that involve running, jumping and throwing are organized to the pinnacle of success. It is popularly called ‘track and field’. The events are usually organized on a 200 m running track, wherein most of the sports activities, such as field events, jumping and throwing take place. Right from track running activities, such as sprints, middle distance, long distance, hurdling to throwing, jumping and composite activities, Athletics in our school offers a lot of variety to the sports-lovers.


The surfaced courts and new baskets serve as the open classrooms where children not only learn fundamentals such as dribbling, shooting, and passing towards adding to a rich history of basketball achievements of our school but inter school and basketball competition at the national level can also be organized.We have 4 courts that allow for better training to the future stars of basketball. The excitement of the children in today’s clinic illustrates the growing passion for sports amongst the children in our school.


The school has one synthetic court and 5 cemented courts with floodlights. Two 2 mini courts and a practice wall are also there where children learn the rules of the games. Conducive environment for specific coaching and training on scientific basis is provided in the sports complex to achieve the aim. In most of the tennis competitions, the school’s tennis team has excelled placing itself within the first three. Today, the team has become synonymous with the achievement itself.

Football, Cricket and Hockey

Football ground with grass and a splendid cricket ground with 3 cemented pitch and 1 clay pitch for net practice also include in the sports facilities. The school has a separate Hockey ground where the children are given regular practice in the evening. The school has a cricket ground which becomes the venue for a number of interschool cricket matches. Day and night matches can also be played here as the ground has facility of flood lights. Ground with grass matt for hockey matches is in the anvil.


In our school the popularity of the Volleyball games has gained momentum. The school has 4 volleyball courts. We have scientific training process by qualified and experienced coach who polishes the talents of the children. They get full-fledged facility and training towards becoming top rankers at the national level participation.

Table Tennis

Table tennis in India has come a long way from being an after-dinner amusement to a professional sport. The game has gained a reasonable popularity in our school. The school has 7 tables. The children are encouraged for participation under the efficient training by our coach. The children are always found eager to learn and exhibit their talents and this confirms that the popularity of this game has not nose-dived. Lawn Tennis court in the campus is the pride of the school and has been the venue of many intra and interschool competitions.

Swimming Pool

The school has a large size swimming pool of international level, set in a spacious area. Its construction has almost been complete. Our swimming pool with ten lanes measures 25m x 50 m. The shallow water depth graduating to a maximum depth is ideally suited for organizing competitions of national level. The pool is set to keep a targeted temperature of 29 degrees Celsius and may have maximum capacity of swimmers at any one time. The swimming pool area has fully-equipped with changing areas for boys and girls separately, complete with showers and washrooms, situated next to the pool. The swimming pool is heated to accommodate for weather conditions. Safety of the children is ensured under the supervision of trained staff to make it an enjoyable experience. We pride ourselves on the high standard of our water quality and the cleanliness of the whole facility.

INDOOR STADIUM (Badminton, Table Tennis and Squash)

The LK Singhania Education Centre has one of the best infrastructures for sports in its sprawling campus. Our state-of-the-art, multi-purpose Indoor stadium with a seating capacity for around 200 spectators has facilities for all kinds of indoor games. It allows many games like badminton (on four synthetic courts), table tennis (on five tables), squash (on two courts) and gymnastics (in a gymnastic room). The roof has a series of extensive panels arranged one on the other to allow natural daylight lighting, ensuring that the building is environmentally friendly with a minimal carbon footprint. The spectator gallery on either side of the stadium entrance has enough seating capacity for visitors and parents to watch the various functions and events in the school.