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 EVENT DATE: APRIL 02, 2019      PUBLISHED DATE : APRIL 08, 2019

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website! Please take a look around and you will find many new features in our new website. The new site launched with great enthusiasm & fanfare, the URL is www.lksec.org

Our new website delivers a clear message of who we are, what is our mission, vision and our core values. It is also fully responsive to mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices.


Olympic Sized Swimming Pool has been inaugurated at the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE by our honourable President, Arora sir and Vice President, Arora ma’am.


LK Singhania Education Centre celebrated the festival (like all others) with a huge amount of enthusiasm and love as a family. Dancing, Singing, Sweets, Laughter, Colours and Fun are the key ingredients to enjoy any special day and we did just that to celebrate this beautiful festival!

However, keeping the best interests of all our children as well as the staff at LKSEC, safety and hygiene are prime concerns and to ensure that nothing dampens this spirit of Holi, we play only with pure sandalwood powder without any chemicals or fear! The spirit of the festival kept intact and complete joy with no worries are maintained for the most amazing and memorable experience for each and every one.

 MARCH 7, 2019

“Science is a beautiful gift to humanity; one should not distort it”: APJ Abdul Kalam

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. We understand these words but do we really implement it in real life? At the LK Singhania Education Centre, we encourage our children to innovate and think out of the box to answer the question, WHY?

A special exhibition on Science & Mathematics was held in our school last week on the occasion of National Science Day. The enthusiasm of children was unparalleled and our President Sir and Vice President Ma’am, Mr and Mrs Arora respectively, along with the wonderful teachers at school, spoke to each child about their scientific experiment and innovation.

 MARCH 2, 2019

Board Exams are what finally determines all your hard work throughout the years. The class 12 boards by far are the most important in terms of realizing future careers and dreams, and as tradition goes, having curd and sugar are auspicious before sitting down for it.

Our school President and Vice President, Arora sir & Arora madam respectively, are blessing class XII students by feeding them curd and sugar, along with distributing chocolates for their successful board exams, wishing them all the very best!

Mathematics: The Gateway of all Sciences
 February 25, 2019

A special mathematics assembly was organised in the primary section assembly by class 4th Orange last week. The programme was anchored by Tanisha and Pooja and it was concluded with the words of appraisal and blessings for these kids by the HM sir.

With a thought that “Mathematics is the gateway of all sciences” the assembly started with Arundhati Singh and Landry reciting the table of 14.

Here are some major highlights of the assembly:

It was a hand-on activity of these kids to recognise the 3D shapes around them. They selected some 3D models from maths lab and searched the details in their book. Whatever they found was the soul of the assembly where they explained what they felt by observation.

Names of these platonic solids were hinted at with the help of teachers which were unavailable in their books. Some of our wonderful students, Tiya, Manisha, Yashika, Jahnavi , Keshav and Ansh displayed the solid shapes explaining the the Faces, Edges and the corners the shapes with their names. The shapes were Cube , Cuboid, pyramid, Prism, Tetrahedron and Pentagonal Prism.

Glimpses of “LAVANYA :2019 “ House Party KAVERI HOUSE
 February 24, 2019

The house party of Kaveri House was a spectacular event depicting real talent of the supremely focussed junior Kaverians who really left no stone unturned to woo the President, Vice President, Principal, Vice Principal, other administrative members and the audience. The programme had a bonanza of thoughtful and complicated socio – academic issues presented in a witty manner.

Glimpses of “UMANG :2019 “ House Party Abhimanyu A, B, C
 February 02, 2019

“Coming Together is a beginning, preparing together is a progress and working together is a success” With this theme Abhimanyu A,B & C organised their Annual House party and staged a show consisting an array of dance, music and drama along with awarding trophies to the achievers in various fields.

Principal, Mr. RC Joshi, given preparation tips for the upcoming board’s exam:2019
 February 24, 2019

Exam times are stressful times for everyone – students, parents and teachers. At this point, while teachers at the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE are busy taking extra classes for problem-solving and clearing of doubts, our Principal, Mr RC Joshi, addresses the higher classes for words of wisdom and preparation tips for the upcoming boards. Here is a gist of what he advises for all students:

FOCUS ON ALL SUBJECTS TO SCORE WELL IN THE EXAMS Most students tend to focus on tough subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. and ignore the languages. But they must spare at least an hour for the languages daily, which can help boost their percentage.

Students should plan in such a way that they don’t burden themselves with difficult subjects/topics.

They can study light subjects in between so that they don’t lose interest.

CREATE A STUDY TIME TABLE FOR EFFECTIVE PREPARATION It’s imperative for students to utilize and manage time well while preparing for exams.

With a good study timetable and proper planning, they can reach their daily, weekly, and long-term study targets. They must adhere to their schedule and stay less distracted.

However, they should avoid studying continuously for long hours to stay focused. They should take breaks, relax, and get sufficient sleep too.


The importance of proper revision cannot be emphasized enough. Students must regularly revise whatever they learn or study every day.

They can make notes of important topics or formulae to help them revise better.

To avoid confusion, they can also take help of visual aids while revising; they can convert their revision notes into diagrams and flowcharts to remember them well.

Solving the question papers of at least the last 10 years and sample papers will help students revise almost all concepts and understand the exam pattern. Taking mock tests will also help them analyze their performance, assess the difficulty level, and the format of the question papers.

 February 22, 2019

Ma Saraswati is worshipped all over as the goddess of education in all walks of life. On this day, we pray to her to show us the light and guide us throughout our lives. At our school, LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE, we pray to goddess Saraswati to bless us and stay with us forever.

 February 01, 2019

Masquerade was the theme of this year’s Farewell Ceremony organised by class XI to wish the students of class XII good luck for their bright future. The programme was a combination of presentations showcasing the juniors fondness towards the seniors while the outgoing batch students expressing their heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful Management, Administration teachers and the juniors.

Many interesting and tricky games were played to pep up the environment. Different Titles were awarded to different students.

“Sangamam” House Party of Prahlad and Dhruv House :2019
 Gallery    February 03, 2019

Prahlad house and Dhruv house celebrated their House Party “Sangamam” on 13 th February,2019. Mr. B K Arora Business Head JK White Cement Works and Maam Shushma Arora Vice president LKSEC Gotan were the chief guest and the guest of honor. The children presented many programmes and won the heart of each and everyone sitting there. They did paperless anchoring and that was the center of attraction of everyone.

FEBRUARY 12, 2019

Great news for folks in Dubai! One of India’s premier residential schools, LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE, GOTAN, is coming to Dubai for conducting an admission drive in your city. Give your child the best in terms of holistic development through integrated learning and values.

Please block the dates!

DATE – ​21st & 22nd February 2019 VENUE – ​BurJuman Ajraan by Rotana ​​Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road Dubai

Please Contact for any queries:

Mr. Pranay Kumar​ – ​+91-95882-25950

Mr. Mahesh Singh​ – ​+91-92510-15999


The students of the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE family have always made us proud with their achievements! This time, Riya Chaudhary from grade 9, made it to the Republic Day Camp Junior Wing out of 2000 cadets from Rajasthan!

A top notch dancer and a highly disciplined student had an amazing time as she displayed her skills, while rubbing shoulders with the cadets from the length and breadth of the nation. She is an accomplished dancer and being one of a total of seven girls that were selected from all of Rajasthan in the Junior Wing, it is truly magnificent. Riya performed in the dance competition on January 09, 2019, in the presence of honourable CM Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, securing 3rd position in the competition.

Riya attended a tea party at the residence of the Honourable President on Jan 27, 2019. She also had a chance to attend tea party with Lt. Gen. Shrast Chandra, the Army Commander.

As an accomplished cadet, she also visited hon’ble Rajasthan C M Ashok Gehlot in Jaipur on Feb. 01, 2019 and Rajasthan Governor and Higher Education Minister in Governor House on Feb. 02 2019 in Jaipur. “I felt so amazing; I had been dreaming about this for so many months. I really pushed hard to stand out from the crowd. All of January and first few days of February have been the most memorable days for my entire life while meeting such eminent leaders of the nation and attending such high level parties have made me to dream big in life,” said Riya, thanking her NCC Officer Ma’am Shashi and the Principal and the management of LKSEC for providing her with this opportunity.

JANUARY 29, 2019

At the LK Singhania Education Centre, Gotan, we strive for excellence and nurturing care for each child. With our 200-acre sprawling campus; over 1000 boarders from across the country; committed and trained teachers; state-of-the-art facilities in our labs and the library; air-conditioned classrooms and dining areas; indoor courts and go-karting facility; a hundred bed dispensary; and many more modern amenities, we are one of the top boarding schools in India.

As a member of the IPSC and a participating institution in the UNESCO ASP Net, we have created a world which is quality-driven and environment conscious. We are opening admissions for the academic year 2019-20 and coming to your city soon!

Admissiondrive across Rajasthan! Please contact us at the numbers given for queries.

We also hope to see you in your city! Give your child the best of the best in terms of education as well as a holistic development to ensure that she/he becomes a global citizen.

JANUARY 29, 2019

We hope to see you during the day today for admissions, registrations and queries at the LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE, GOTAN.

As a member of the IPSC and a participating institution in the UNESCO ASP Net, we have created a world which is quality-driven and environment conscious. We are opening admissions for the academic year 2019-20 and coming to your city soon!

Come and ensure a great academic life for your child at this premiere residential school today!