Events 2023

Digital Immersion Program, Dubai
 EVENT DATE: 18 October 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 05 January 2024

On the auspicious day of 8th October, adorned with the blessings of our beloved Principal Mr. R C Joshi, a team of six highly motivated and enthusiastic students of LKSEC embarked on a journey to the dazzling city of Dubai, with eager hearts and bright spirits.

The Digital Immersion Program in Dubai was an educational extravaganza that left the students wide-eyed with wonder and thirst for knowledge. It was a remarkable break for the students to be the part of DIP at the cosmopolitan, vibrant, exotic and progressive country.... Dubai.
During the Digital Immersion Program in Dubai, the students of L K Singhania Education Centre, Gotan had an exceptional experience filled with educational learning and enjoyment. The program was made all the more special with guest speaker Mr. Anand Bhujan from Singapore, who delivered insightful lectures and added a touch of international expertise to the program.
As part of the program, the students also had the privilege of visiting RIT University in Dubai. This visit was the cherry on top, providing them with the opportunity to interact with students and faculty members, gain exposure to cutting-edge technology and research initiatives, and experience the vibrant campus atmosphere.

Special Highlights:

1. Visiting Burj Khalifa: The students had the chance to visit the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. They were able to witness breathtaking views of Dubai from the observation decks and learn about the architectural marvel of this impressive structure.
2. Desert Safari: The students enjoyed an adventurous desert safari, where they experienced thrilling activities like dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. They had the opportunity to learn about the traditional Bedouin culture. It was a blend of excitement and educational insight.
3. Cruise Party: A cruise party in Dubai allowed the students to enjoy the city's skyline while cruising along the waters. They had a memorable time dancing, socializing, and taking in the vibrant atmosphere of the city.
4. Mosque and School visit in Abu Dhabi: The students visited Sheikh Zayed grand mosque and a Shining Star International School in Abu Dhabi, where they had the chance to learn about culture, traditions, and practices.

Overall, the Digital Immersion Program provided students with a unique blend of educational learning and enjoyment. It allowed them to explore significant landmarks, immerse themselves in local culture, and gain valuable insights into technology and digital practices.

AFS Inter School Domestic Exchange Program
 EVENT DATE: 04 January 2024     PUBLISHED DATE: 04 January 2024

"Under the AFS Inter School Domestic Exchange Program for the academic year 2023-24, nine students -
Chaitanya Chand Suchanti (Class – XI)
Hitankar Jain (Class - XI)
Anurag Raj (Class – XI)
Jeevesh Jain (Class – XI)
Saumya Agarwal (Class - XI)
Daksh Vaswani (Class - XI)
Raghav Himmat Singhka (Class - IX)
Mehul Jain (Class - IX)
Keshav Kumar (Class - IX)

from LKSEC are currently at Viraj Shri Ram Centennial School in Tarapur, Maharashtra."

LKSEC Trailblazers Put Up Their Flags of Excellence at IPSC Leadership Conclave 2023
 EVENT DATE: 26 December 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 27 December 2023

Eight students from L.K.S.E.C—Dhanvi R. Mundon, Karan Choudhary, Mannat Agarwal, Neerav Agrawal, Priyanshu Soni, Sourya Sarawagi, Piya Dodiya, and Somil Gupta—made a mark at the IPSC Students' Leadership Conclave 2023 in RKK, Jodhpur. The event focused on "Engineering Excellence with Enterprise, Empowerment & Empathy."
The students, brimming with anticipation, were warmly welcomed at Jodhpur railway station and embraced the positive atmosphere at RKK. Highlights included a zumba session, motivational speeches, a heritage tour, and a cultural night with a musical presentation. A day of adventure at Osian sand dunes, featuring cyber security insights, added to the enriching experience.
The conclave concluded with self-defence workshops and speeches by key figures, fostering a sense of gratitude and a commitment to lasting connections. The students expressed heartfelt thanks to RKK, their Principal, and organizers for the meaningful opportunity.

Top Honours
 EVENT DATE: 19 December 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 19 December 2023

In a recent survey by Education Today, LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE, GOTAN, grabbed the top spot in Rajasthan and an impressive 3rd position nationwide among 'India's Top 20 Day-Cum Boarding Schools.' At the awards ceremony at The Taj in Bangalore, the school's Vice Principal Mr. PR Kumar and Mr. RK Mahapatra Sir happily received the National Ranking Award. This recognition showcases LK SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE, GOTAN's strong focus on academic excellence and the overall development of its students.

Vaishnavi - Vanguard of Victory in Global Pedagogy
 EVENT DATE: 16 December 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 19 December 2023

In a ground-breaking educational endeavour, the prestigious Pragnya Bodhini High School in Mumbai played host to the distinguished 'National Launch Pad' under the aegis of AFS, attracting a gathering of more than 40 esteemed educators from across the length and breadth of India. The event, held on the enlightening date of December 16, 2023, was dedicated to the pivotal theme of 'Interspersing a Global Dimension into the Classroom.' A testament to pedagogical excellence, the event celebrated the contributions of six outstanding presenters, ultimately bestowing the coveted title of 'Most Stimulating Presenter' upon the adept Vaishnavi Sajeev from LKSEC, Gotan."

Upcoming AFS Event : Home Stay and Hungary Trip (3 May - 2 June' 2024)
 EVENT DATE: 3 May - 2 June 2024     PUBLISHED DATE: 30th Nov 2023

Experience Hungary's beauty and culture! The program includes an arrival orientation in Budapest, followed by cultural visits, sightseeing, and team-building activities in the city and countryside. Stay in a hotel and take day-trips to famous parts of Hungary.
Then, enjoy a 2-week homestay and school to immerse yourself in Hungarian culture, family life and education. Participate in local chapter life and school activities for a well-rounded experience which will end up with end-of-stay orientation.

Program Highlights
• Team-building activities (adventure park trip)
• Homestay and school life
• Cultural visits in Budapest and around Hungary

Program Details
• Start Date: 3 May 2024
• End Date: 2 June 2024
• Age Criteria: Between 6 May 2006 to 6 May 2009
• Program Fees: INR 2,37,180 including 18% GST [Visa + Airfare will be additional]
• Application Deadline: 12 December 2023 (Tuesday)
• Number of Spots: 30 participants from India
For questions and to apply, please contact: Mr. R K Mahapatra : +91-9414586847

The Round Square International Conference @ Nairobi, Kenya
 EVENT DATE: 08-13 October 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 11 January 2024

The Round Square International Conference 2023 took place at Brookhouse Schools in Nairobi, Kenya, from October 8th to October 13th. The Conference was attended by 1600 students and 200 teachers from 160 countries.The delegation from L K Singhania Education Centre, Gotan, included five students: Hanwant Singh Sisodia, Yuvika Rathi, Jahnavi Nolkha, Yashasvi Goyal, and Anmol Poonia. Guided by Mr. Shankar Nath, the Round Square Representative of the School, and senior teacher Ms. Manibha Dutta, the conference provided a rich learning experience for all participants. Activities included Community Service, Berazas, Homestays, Adventure in Nairobi National Park was a lifetime experience with Masai dancers and wild animals. Night stay at Kenian native's place and workshops featuring international celebrities were awesome learning opportunities. In the hostels, where students from around the world shared accommodations, valuable lessons in universal values and attitudes were learned.

The All India IPSC Skating Tournament - 2023
 EVENT DATE: 06-08 Oct 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 10th Oct 2023

The IPSC Skating Tournament - 2023 concluded with students from Lala Kamlapat Singhania Education Centre winning the Champion's Trophy in both Boys' and Girls' category as well as age categories (11, 14, 17 and 19 years). The Closing Ceremony, held at the school's skating rink featured the Chief Guest D.I.G. (B.S.F. ) Frontier Headquarters, Jodhpur, Sh. Praveen Bakshi, who distributed awards.

During his address, Chief Guest Sh. Praveen Bakshi expressed his delight at the conclusion of the nationwide skating competition, highlighting the significance of such events in discovering talents for the country. He commended the school for fostering bright futures for students through its top-notch skating rink in a small town in Rajasthan.
He praised the school's management for their dedication to nurturing students' promising futures.

The program began with the school principal, RC Joshi, welcoming the chief guest with a floral tribute, followed by a speech from the School Sports Captain, Yuvraj Singh Bhadoriya. The winners in various categories, including the champion team Lala Kamlapat Singhania Education Centre both in Boys' and Girls' category and the runner-up Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' School, Jaipur in Girls' and The Emerald Heights International School, Indore in Boys' category were felicitated.

Moulding Future Mavericks
 EVENT DATE: 07 Oct 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 07th Oct 2023

Renowned para commando, Major Sachin Singh Kuntal, conducted a captivating session for students in grades X, XI, and XII, focusing on goal-setting, communication skills, and personal discipline. Through interactive activities and insightful guidance, Major Sachin empowered students to set both short-term and long-term goals while stressing the importance of active listening, body language, and clarity of thought. Personal discipline played a pivotal role as he guided students in overcoming challenges, building self-esteem, and fostering a positive outlook on life.. His transformative session left a lasting impact, motivating students and equipping them with essential life skills for their academic and personal journeys.

Responsibility Badges Pinned
 EVENT DATE: 07 Oct 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 07th Oct 2023

In a ceremony filled with pride and promise, LKSEC, Gotan, marked the distribution of class monitor badges to deserving students. These senior class monitors, carefully selected for their leadership qualities, were honoured in the presence of their peers, teachers, and Principal RC Joshi. This event signifies a significant step towards fostering responsible leadership within the school community. Congratulations to the new class monitors as they embark on their journey of guidance and inspiration!

Lady Anusuiya Singhania Memorial All India Hindi Debate - 2023
 EVENT DATE: 11 Sep 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 15th Sep 2023

Echoes of Wisdom

LK. Singhania Education Centre in Gotan recently hosted the eagerly awaited All India Hindi Debate Competition, drawing participants from across the nation. The event, graced by the esteemed presence of R.C. Joshi, Joint Director of Games and Sports and Joint Secretary cum Treasurer (IPSC), Principal, LK Singhania Education Center, Gotan witnessed spirited debates on crucial national issues.

It witnessed participation from 45 students representing 15 teams from across the country, including eminent CBSE-affiliated schools. Distinguished judges, Dr. Rajkumar Rajan, Hemant Kumar 'Himanshu,' and Dr. Dharmendra Pratap Singh, esteemed professors from Delhi University-affiliated colleges, lauded the participants for their exceptional presentations, emphasizing the role of informed and articulate youth in shaping the nation's destiny.

In his closing address, the Chief Guest honoured the jury and teachers from various schools, expressing gratitude for their invaluable contributions. Rajesh Sharma, the competition's coordinator and head of the Hindi department at Singhania Education Centre, extended his heartfelt thanks to all officials, students, and contributors.

Dr. Hemendra Paneri, a dedicated Hindi teacher at the school, orchestrated the event's seamless coordination, while Diya Pandey, Trisha Gupta and Purvi Goyal efficiently managed the program.

All India IPSC Hockey Tournament (U-15) 2023
 EVENT DATE: 06-08 Sep 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 15th Sep 2023

The rigorous training formed the seed out of which the guts to defeat all through, barring the final match, was born. And with it, began a journey of knowing and realizing one’s potential which stays today and even tomorrow will live on. This thought popped up at the interesting demonstration of IPSC Hockey Tournament (U-15) that was held between September 6th to September 8th in the Hockey ground of the school. Col. Sanjay Sinha, Head of Education for the school was present as Chief Guest on the Opening Ceremony. After the formal welcome by the Principal, the Chief Guest Mr. Sinha addressed the participants and encouraged them to feel lucky that they were born in the country that belonged to Major Dhyanchand, the Hockey Wizard. All the teams were no less to one another in proving them during the match. The participating teams were Mayo Boys' College Ajmer, MNS Rai, The Daly College Indore, The Hyderabad Public School Bagumpet, Modern School Delhi, Punjab Public School Nabha, and the host school L. K. Singhania Education Centre, Gotan.

The final match was played in the afternoon of 8 September. The presence of Chief Guest Mr. Narender Singh Saini, Dronacharaya awardee, was a significant morsel for all the rapacious spectators who found each moment bubbling with excitement. In his address, the Chief Guest emphasized the importance of sports in human life. The final match was breathtakingly played between the host school and Motilal Nehru Sports School, Rai which emerged victorious to win the title ‘the IPS Hockey Tournament Champion’ by securing a 3-1 goal. Punjab Public School Nabha settled for third position. the Chief Guest gave away prizes to the winning team and both the runner- up teams. Master Piyush of MNS, Rai was bestowed upon with the title of ‘Best Player of the Tournament’ whereas the title of ‘Best Gaolkeeper’ went to Master Daksh Bagrodiya of the host school.

This opened the avenue for MNS, Rai that will now play in the Nehru Cup. The list of SGFI players selected after IPSC Tournament 2023 is attached along with this report. The tournament was organised under the able-guidance of organizing secretary Mr. M.S. Rathore.

Breathtaking Basketball Brilliance
 EVENT DATE: 08-11 Sep 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 14th Sep 2023

In a stunning display of skill and teamwork, LKSEC's basketball teams have emerged victorious at the recent District Level Tournament held in Nagaur from September 8 to September 11, 2023. The young athletes have not only clinched the championship titles in both the U-17 and U-19 categories but have also witnessed Master Manish Khoja's remarkable performance, earning him the title of Player of the Tournament in the U-17 category.
The victory sets the stage for more challenges ahead, inspiring future players.
Congratulations to the teams and Manish Khoja for their remarkable success!

Rajasthan State Squash Championship - 2023 @ Jaipur
 EVENT DATE: 30th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 04th Sep 2023

Squash Triumph

Master Jayesh Dutta, a 9th-grade student from LKSEC, Gotan, has clinched the Bronze Medal in the Under-15 category at the Rajasthan State Squash Championship 2023 held at Sawai Man Singh Stadium in Jaipur from September 7 to September 10.
Jayesh's exceptional performance highlights his dedication and talent, making both his school and community proud. His achievement serves as an inspiration to young athletes in the region.

Junior Math Quiz : UDAYIN 2023 Event
 EVENT DATE: 30th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 04th Sep 2023

The Triumph of Numbers

The Mathematics Department of LKSEC, Gotan orchestrated a captivating journey through the realm of numbers, welcoming students from grades III to V for the Junior Math Quiz. In this exciting math showdown, NILGIRI House secured victory with an impressive 95 points. VINDHYACHAL House took second place, ARAVALI House claimed third, and HIMALAYA House added a spark of enthusiasm.
This thrilling math adventure not only nurtured a love for numbers but also showcased the school's commitment to intellectual growth. Congratulations to all participants!

Inter Cultural House English Debate 2023
 EVENT DATE: 27th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 04th Sep 2023

New Education Policy About Teaching In Mother Tongue Will Imporve The Teaching Learning Process

Managing India’s swelling demands of cultural diversity – rooted in the history of India and heightened by globalization – in a democratic manner has become contentious in recent years. In education it has come as a big debate whether teaching in mother tongue will improve the teaching learning process or will increase hurdles in the teaching learning process. Keeping this in the heart of the topic, an inter-cultural debate in English was organized at 7 pm in the Senior School Assembly area on 27 August 2023. The debate formatted in adapted Cambridge style and judged by the English department head and a faculty of the department was presided over by the principal and vice principal of the school. Faculty members too stood by the competition and took interest in knowing the ideas and opinions of the participants. All the participants were well prepared but some parts of some of the participants’ content loosely bound together made the other participants have edge over their counter parts and this difference finally resulted into some houses scoring better and getting positions of their expectations. Aravali House edged over Nilgiri House by standing first in position whereas the Nilgiri House had to satisfy with second position. Remaining two other houses VIndhyanchal House and Himalaya House shared the third position. Principal’s address centred on the extrapolative nature of the topic and shared his opinion on it. With the announcement of the result by the principal and proposal of vote of thanks by an English faculty, the debate competition took a long pause to breathe again the next year.

Round Square Zoom Postcard : 30 Aug' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 30th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 04th Sep 2023

6 girls from Kaveri House Tisha Jain, Saanvi Rajgharia, Dhanvi Rajesh Mundon, Sneha Sumani, Reshu and Nishka participated in a Round Square zoom postcard event hosted by Matthew Flinders Anglican College in Australia with the theme “A Day in my Life…”.
The 60-minute call took place on Wednesday 30th August at 2pm AEST (GMT +10) and brought together over 70 participants from 13 schools in 4 countries (Australia, India, Pakistan and South Africa).
In India, it was 9:30 am when they had to participate. The girls spoke well. They shared their routine and exchanged conversations with the host students, getting exposed to their routines, a day in their life, their preferences between boarding school and day school. They saw the principal and the members of the prefectorial body of the host school and heard their tête-à-tête.

Sudoku Thrills
 EVENT DATE: 28th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 28th Aug 2023

LKSEC's Mathematics Department hosted an electrifying Sudoku contest during the Inter-House Cultural Event. Middle school students showcased their skills across levels of Sudoku puzzles, boosting logical thinking and camaraderie.
Aravali House triumphed with a token sum of 59, scoring 215 points. Himalaya followed with a token sum of 78, earning 183 points. Nilgiri and Vindhanchal excelled with token sums of 82 and scores of 170 and 176 points respectively.
Honourable Principal Mr. R.C. Joshi praised the students for their math prowess and teamwork. This event nurtures holistic development and camaraderie.

Unveiling Potential
 EVENT DATE: 17-21th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 28th Aug 2023

Our school recently set sail on a transformative journey through the Round Square Conference orchestrated by Sunbeam School, Varanasi. Unfolding over five days, from August 17th to 21st, the event was woven around the theme "Dream, Believe, and Achieve." Drawing participants from 32 diverse schools across India, our delegates - Praveer Vardhamaan Mehta, Bhavya Gupta, Mudit Sharma, Khushal Daga, Mukund Sah, Naman Kabra, Tanish Agarwal and Faisal - wholeheartedly engaged in this unparalleled experience.
The event's collaborative and enjoyable approach seamlessly harmonized with the learning style of today's youth, kindling a fervent anticipation for future opportunities akin to this remarkable experience.

Sanskrit Elocution Brilliance
 EVENT DATE: 23th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 25th Aug 2023

Vidya Niketan, Birla Public School, Pilani, hosted a Virtual Inter-School Sanskrit Recitation Contest on 23 Aug that showcased linguistic finesse. Riddhivi Jha of LK Singhania Education Center, Gotan, secured a notable third place in the junior category with her flawless rendition of the Shiv Panchakshar Stotra. In the senior section, Divyanshi Agarwal, also from LK Singhania Education Center, eloquently presented the Annapurna Stotra, leaving a lasting impression. The event, guided by mentors Mr. Hemendra Paneri and Mrs. Shobha Joshi, united 24 schools from around the world in a celebration of language and culture. The young participants' mastery earned them ₹2000 cash prizes and e-certificates, further burnishing their alma mater's reputation.

The G-Literati Event @ Daly College : 10 Aug' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 17th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 19th Aug 2023

Literary Extravaganza

The G-Literati event at Daly College illuminated the literary scene, welcoming talents like Dr Sanjeev Chopra and students from across India. Notably, LKSEC, Gotan students shone bright – Purvi Todwal, Yashi Sihag, and Kashvi Chanda exhibited literary crafts; Khanak Chawla and Khush Chawla captured emotions vividly.
The event's charm lay in student-author interactions. Renowned writers Mandira Shah, Lubina Bandookwala, Nikhil Gulati, Sutapa Basu, and Vikash Prakash Joshi engaged attendees, sharing book inspirations and kindling a passion for both reading and writing.
G-Literati not only celebrated young talent but also nurtured a literary spirit, inspiring a new generation of wordsmiths.

Senior Category Inter-House Hindi Debate on August 17, 2023
 EVENT DATE: 17th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 19th Aug 2023

Verbal Showdown

In a brilliant showcase of oratory finesse, LK Singhania Education Centre's Hindi Department held the Senior Category Inter-House Hindi Debate on August 17, 2023. In accordance with the Adapted Cambridge Style, the occasion was graced by the presence of Mr RC Joshi, Principal of LKSEC, who joined as the Chief Guest. With 12 skilled debaters from four houses, the stage sizzled with insightful arguments on motion nuances. Aravali House emerged victorious, led by participants Garima Purohit, Niyati Thakur, and Tisha Jain. Applauded by judges, Chief Guest, and spectators, the event underscored the art of eloquence and analytical thinking.

DPSEMUN 2023 @ DPS, Eldico Branch, Lucknow : 11 - 12 Aug' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 11-12th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 18th Aug 2023

Diplomatic Symphony

A crescendo of diplomacy and intellect resonated at the Delhi Public School Eldico Branch (DPSE) as it hosted DPSEMUN 2023. Gathering minds from 20 Indian schools on August 11th and 12th, 2023, the event illuminated the realm of global discourse, fostering debate and insight. Standing out in this gathering of young diplomats was Master Kartikey Sharma from LKSEC, Gotan. Representing Mr Manoj Jha of the Rashtriya Janata Dal in the Rajya Sabha committee, Kartikey Sharma's remarkable performance earned him the coveted Special Mention Award, underscoring his dedication to diplomacy and solution-oriented thinking.

IPSC Visual Arts Fest 2023 @ Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior : 27 - 29 July' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 27-29th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 18th Aug 2023

Creativity of Colours

The vibrant hues of creativity illuminated Scindia Kanya Vidyalay, Gwalior as it hosted the dazzling IPSC Visual Arts Fest 2023, named Antarangini, from July 27th to 29th. Showcasing the artistic brilliance of 200 students from 19 schools nationwide, the event unveiled a world of imagination.
A remarkable array of 16 categories, including Miniature Painting, Graffiti, Pottery, Photography, and more, showcased the students' diverse talents. Notably, the 14 gifted participants from LKSEC, Gotan, left an indelible mark across all categories. In a shining moment, Poorvi Goyal and Tanushri Agrawal clinched the first position in Flower Making, while Amethi Daga secured second place in Lampshade Painting.
Antarangini 2023 was more than an event; it was an odyssey of artistic exploration, where talents bloomed and friendships flourished. As the curtain fell, LKSEC, Gotan, left with not just memories, but a legacy of artistry.

Round Square Zoom Postcard : 16 Aug' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 16th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 17th Aug 2023

On 16th August 5 students participated in a Zoom Postcard Round Square event with the theme "Harmony in Diversity". The zoom postcard event was hosted by Newcastle Grammar School, Australia. 12 schools in 4 countries including Australia, India, Japan and New Zealand participated in it.
From our school, Disha Patawari, Yashaswi Goyal, Hitansh Bafna, Mudit Bhansali and Vaibhav Karnani participated in it. They spoke out on the importance of harmony in diversity and gave an example of India being the finest one. All in all, it was a learning experience.

Tiranga Rally @ LKSEC : 15 August
 EVENT DATE: 15th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 17th Aug 2023

Twilight's Fervor - An Evening of Unity at LKSEC

Ahead of the 77th Independence Day, the students and teachers of LKSEC, Gotan, joined the 'Har Ghar Tiranga' rally, a part of the 'Meri Maati Mera Desh' campaign. As the sun set on a pleasant August evening, our LKSEC campus came alive with fervour as skaters and participants congregated to commemorate this significant event. Specially organized by all the skaters of LKSEC under the guidance of their coach, Mr Praveen Nath, a rally initiated by the Principal, Mr RC Joshi, with the fluttering of the Tiranga high commenced from the skating rink. With placards and flags held high, participants marched around the campus, exuding patriotic fervour. Various stunts and skills were showcased by the skaters during the rally, adding an exhilarating dimension to the event. The rally with the fluttering of the Tiranga high, symbolised the spirit of unity and pride as the participants honoured the sacrifices of the nation's heroes. The event encapsulated the essence of a united India working towards progress and harmony.

Independence Day Celebration : 15 August
 EVENT DATE: 15th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 17th Aug 2023

Resonance of Unity

Amidst the golden rays of dawn on the 77th Independence Day of India, LKSEC, Gotan, emerged as a heaven of patriotism and unity. Under the esteemed presence of Mr Anirudh Dani, Manufacturing Head of JK White Cement, the national flag unfurled gracefully, embodying the spirit of freedom and progress. A parade of enthusiastic students painted a vibrant picture of devotion, while a heartfelt rendition of patriotic songs echoed the love for the motherland. In a breathtaking mass display, the combined strength of countless souls moved in perfect unison, a living testament to the harmony that courses through India's veins. he campus pulsed with fervour as the JK Security Department orchestrated a mesmerizing dog show, symbolizing the nation's vigilant spirit.
In the arena of competition, the Shield Max XV and Wall Max X teams engaged in an exhilarating tug of war, epitomizing strength and unity. Principal RC Joshi honoured achievers with medals, acknowledging their sporting excellence. The pledge to safeguard the nation resonated deeply, followed by the sweetness of shared success through the distribution of treats.

G20 International Young Leaders Summit @ ASN Sr. Sec. School, Delhi : 10 - 11 Aug
 EVENT DATE: 10-11th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 17th Aug 2023

G20 International Young Leaders Summit was organized by ASN Senior Secondary School, Mayur Vihar, Delhi in collaboration with United Nation Information Centre for India and Bhutan and AFS Intercultural Programs India in the United Nation House, Lodhi Road, New Delhi based on the sectors of G20. Arpita Modi, Shashank Shekhar Singh and Renae Debnath of our school also participated in the summit after qualifying its 1st round. It is our great pleasure to announce that our school bagged First Position in the sector "Women Led Development in Russia" for a research paper and its presentation.

CBSE Workshop on 'Gender Sensitivity in Schools' @ LKSEC, Gotan : 12 Aug
 EVENT DATE: 12th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 16th Aug 2023

CBSE's one-day workshop, 'Gender Sensitivity in Schools' unfolded at LKSEC, Gotan on August 12, 2023. Facilitators Ms. Anulekha Purohit and Mr. Brijesh Sharma orchestrated impactful discussions, fostering inclusivity and empathy in educational spaces.
The workshop, graced by educators from LKSEC and various schools, spotlighted breaking gender stereotypes, fostering respectful dialogue, and cultivating unbiased learning environments. Attendees left with a shared commitment to instil positive change within their institutions.

Students Empowered for Digital Future
 EVENT DATE: 31st July 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 16th Aug 2023

A groundbreaking workshop designed to equip students with essential skills for navigating the dynamic digital landscape was held on July 31st at the LKSEC campus. Renowned experts from GlobalCert Pte Ltd, in collaboration with a distinguished professor from the National University of Singapore, joined forces to provide students from grades IX to XI, with invaluable insights into the ever-changing digital era.
GlobalCert's experts shed light on the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, metaverse, blockchain, cybersecurity and machine learning. The interactive sessions not only demystified these complex concepts but also empowered students to envision their potential application.

IPSC Dance Festival 'SHUNYA - 2023' @ Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital : 3rd to 5th August' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 3-5th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 12th Aug 2023

Harmonious Brilliance

In a resplendent display of cultural finesse, six shining dancers – Purvi Todwal (XI), Vaishnavi Dudani (XII), Nitya (XI), Shrishty (XI), Bhargavi (X), and Riddhi (VIII) – illuminated the stage at the IPSC Dance Festival 'Shunya - 2023', hosted by Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital from August 3rd to 5th. Our students participated in two riveting events: THE TIMELESS KATHAK DUOLOGUES and THE INNOVATIVE CONFLUENCES - GROUP FOLK AND INDIGENOUS FUSION MASK. Their dedication was duly rewarded, as they secured the "Most Promising Dance" accolade for their exceptional performance in Kathak Duets. This triumph not only highlights their artistic prowess but also underscores our school's commitment to unity and excellence, marking a glorious milestone in our cultural journey.

Epitomizing Knowledge : Master Mind Quiz Contest
 EVENT DATE: 10th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 10th Aug 2023

In a commendable display of knowledge, 2365 teachers participated in the Master Mind Quiz Contest 42 organized by The focus was on "03 years of NEP," and Mr. Biplab Kumar Agasty from L K SINGHANIA EDUCATION CENTRE, GOTAN, stood out by winning the Gold Category certificate. This event showcased educators' dedication and celebrated the impact of the National Education Policy on teaching and learning.

Epitomizing Knowledge : Master Mind Quiz Contest

Round Square Zoom Postcard : 09 Aug' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 09th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 10th Aug 2023

On 09th August 6 girls participated in a Zoom Postcard Round Square event with the theme "Redefining Power". The zoom postcard event was hosted by Whlham school, India. 17 schools in 4 countries including Kenya, Australia, India and South Africa participated in it. From our school, Sneha Agarwal, Trisha Gupta, Niyati, Bhumi Marothi, Palak Agarwal and Aradhya Kriti participated in it. They spoke out their views about what they think about power, absolute power, nepotism being good or bad. They also spoke about the fictional characters or animals with which they associate themselves. All in all it was quite enriching.

The Enlightened Journey : Collaboration with Yadupati Singhania ITI
 EVENT DATE: 09th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 09th Aug 2023

In the spirit of the NEP 2020, LKSEC, Gotan, and Yadupati Singhania ITI embarked on a transformative partnership, transcending conventional learning. Together, they crafted a realm of joyful and practical-based education, where students delved into Electrical, Solar, Mechanical, and Automobile trades. With hands-on exercises and cutting-edge technologies, the students emerged enlightened and prepared for the challenges of the real world. United in purpose, this collaborative effort shone as a guiding light towards a radiant future of education.

LKSEC Gotan Establishes School Innovation Council (SIC)
 EVENT DATE: 04th Aug 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 04th Aug 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Lala Kamlapat Singhania Education Centre (LKSEC) in Gotan has achieved another milestone on its journey of academic excellence and innovation. LKSEC has been awarded the prestigious Certificate of Establishment for its School Innovation Council (SIC202327370) by the Innovation Cell, Ministry of Education, Government of India, for the academic year 2022-23.

The establishment of the School Innovation Council (SIC) is a testament to LKSEC's commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation, creativity, and critical thinking among its students. By adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Innovations Cell, the Ministry of Education, LKSEC is dedicated to empowering its students to be the torchbearers of change and progress.

LKSEC Gotan Establishes School Innovation Council (SIC)

ASN G20 International Fest : 21st July' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 21th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 31th Jul 2023

ASN G20 International Fest was organised in ASN Senior Secondary School, Mayur Vihar, Delhi in collaboration with United Nation Information Service for India and Bhutan and AFS Intercultural Programs India held on 21st of July. Our students participated in six events in which - Arpita Sah, Ruhani Agarwal and Tejas Agarwal bagged First Position in the event “Pitch Perfect” (Creating a Business Plan on the theme of pathway to eco products)
In another event “Rap for a Cause” - a Rhythmic Style Poetry based on the theme of women achievers, our students Niket, Tejas Arya and Keshav Agarwal got Consolation prize.
All the events were conducted based on the theme of sectors of G-20. The fest comprised a myriad of competitions providing a platform to the young leaders to imbibe the spirit of working together to create a cleaner, healthier and sustainable developed world.

IPSC IT Fest - 2023 @ MCGS, Ajmer : 20-22 July' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 20-22th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 31th Jul 2023

The IPSC IT Fest - 2023 held at Mayo College Girls’ School (MCGS), Ajmer, concluded on a high note from 20th July to 22nd July. Our six exceptional students from LK Singhania, Education Centre, Gotan showcased their IT prowess. Competing against participants from 21 renowned schools, Saivyam Agarwal, Sumukh Brahma, Isheet Ostwal, Lakshita Mittal, Arpita Modi and Ariyan Jain left a lasting impact with their performances. The young tech enthusiasts demonstrated their skills in Wizkid - Programming Event, Sound Editing, PPT Presentation, Online IT Quiz and Digital Poster Making earning accolades and admiration from judges and peers alike.

Remarkable Achievement by Our Esteemed Alumnus
 EVENT DATE: 31th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 31th Jul 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our esteemed alumnus, Divyansh Agarwal (Enrollment No: 10134), has achieved a remarkable feat by cracking the prestigious and highly challenging entrance examination of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). His exceptional performance has secured him admission into the renowned IIT - Kharagpur.

On behalf of the entire faculty, staff, and fellow students, we extend our warmest congratulations to Divyansh Agarwal. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors, and we are certain that he will continue to achieve great heights in his academic and professional pursuits.

Remarkable Achievement by Our Esteemed Alumnus

HPE CodeWars 2023 : Code Battle
 EVENT DATE: 31th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 31th Jul 2023

We are honoured to announce that Joy Khandelwal, an alumnus of LK Singhania Education Centre, excelled in the HPE CodeWars competition held in April' 2023, ranking among the top 20 coders nationwide. Joy's exceptional coding skills and innovative project impressed the judges, showcasing the excellence fostered at our school. Congratulations, Joy, on this remarkable achievement!

#HPECodewars #CodingExcellence #LKSPride

HPE CodeWars 2023 : Code Battle

Glittering CATC 2023: LK Singhania's Warrior Princesses
 EVENT DATE: 8-17th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 29th Jul 2023

In a resplendent showcase of determination and skill, 25 talented Girl Cadets from L K Singhania Education Centre, Gotan School, embarked on a memorable journey at the CATC Camp organized by 3 Raj Girls Bn at D P S Pali Road, Jodhpur. From 8th July 2023 to 17th July 2023, these young achievers left an indelible mark, securing a remarkable tally of 20 Gold Medals and 20 Silver Medals across various events held during the camp. Their stellar performance is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and the unwavering support of their mentors and well-wishers.

Round Square Zoom Postcard : 26 July' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 26th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 28th Jul 2023

An RS Zoom Postcard from ‘Step by Step School’ in India with the theme “Service: Making the world a better place" was participated by 5 students of our school.
The students were Master Mudit Mussadi, Miss Purvi Dudheria, Master Mayank Agarwal, Miss Megha Sharma (all of class XI) and Miss Rashi Mehta of class X.
The 90-minute call took place on Wednesday July 26th at 5:30pm IST (GMT+5h30). It brought together around 120 participants from 22 schools in 4 countries India, Kenya, Pakistan and South Africa.

Literary Fest 2023 @ Bodhi International School, Jodhpur
 EVENT DATE: 21-22th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 28th Jul 2023

The brilliant stars from LKSEC proved their mettle in the Literary fest 2023 organised by the Bodhi International School, Jodhpur. It was a gala event hosted by Bodhi International School, Jodhpur from 21st July to 22 nd July , in which total 8 schools participated from different corners. It was an array of events for two days where a number of cultural and literary competitions were held . A team of 20 students from our school participated in different categories and won laurels and accolades for the school.
Tanishq Choudhary secured third position in the Literary activity of Hindi named 'Kaha- Kahe'. Trisha Gupta, Sparsh and Tanishq Choudhary bagged third position in another event of Hindi named ' Baware Hai Muhaware'. In 'Harmony Havoc' our students - Pranjal Bharadwaj, Jenil , Akshat Periwal and Soumil Gupta secured third position. It was a competent learning for the Jaunty Jaguars of LKSEC and their performance at each event was outstanding and mesmerizing. Along With different competitions , various team building games were also conducted by the host school to create an atmosphere of positive and healthy competition.Our students' participation in these games is worth mentioning . Fest concluded with a happy note followed by the distribution of certificates and prizes to the winners.

Overall, it was an enriching experience and inspired the students to take up such activities more often which would ultimately add up to their holistic development.It also provided a wonderful opportunity to the student community of all the zones to unite and build a healthy team.

"Embrace of Beginnings: A Freshman's Overture" Freshers' Party : 22 July' 2023
 EVENT DATE: 22th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 25th Jul 2023

With warm hearts and open arms, LK Singhania Education Centre welcomed its newbies with a joyous Fresher's Party. Amid laughter and dancing, a wholesome meal, and a culinary symphony of flavours and delicacies, the fresh faces found a friendly atmosphere, nurturing their confidence and creativity. The beats of the music were a conduit of unity, transcending barriers of language and background. A memorable celebration of the vibrant mosaic of souls that made the school a true home away from home and also marked the beginning of lasting bonds and a promising journey ahead.

Here are some sneak-peaks of how the new family members of LKSEC celebrated.

LKSEC Alumnus : Paragjyoti Garg (ISRO Scientist) Message
 EVENT DATE: 19th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 19th Jul 2023

Today, as I witnessed the launch of India's milestone mission from the launch gallery at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, there were glimpses of my blessings streaking through my mind.

I am Paragjyoti Garg and I am working as an Assistant Director at Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre, a regulatory body for space activities under the Government of India. I have been involved in the prestigious Chandrayaan 3 mission for the realisation and qualification of its solid propulsion systems. As part of mission readiness, I provided the final technical assessment for launch authorisation. I have been working for ISRO since 2014 and from that day one, I feel grateful to my alma mater LK Singhania Education Centre for creating favorable conditions for my successful personal and professional growth. I take this opportunity to thank LKS for the immense knowledge imparted to me and also the exposure provided to develop my potential in science. I also count my blessings each day for the friends and teachers at LKS who supported my ideas and helped me determine my calling for what I am today.

It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end!

Exploring Career Opportunities and Lifestyle in Defence Services!
 EVENT DATE: 15th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 18th Jul 2023

A two-hour interactive session was conducted by Retired Major General Ranu Singh Rathore at LK Singhania Education Centre, Gotan, on July 15, 2023. Around 450 students from classes 9, 10, 11 Science, and 12 Science enthusiastically participated. General Rathore, the founder of "General's Difference Academy," shared the glory of Indian Armed Forces and discussed entry modes like NDA, CDS, TA, and more. He emphasized personality development for SSB interviews and highlighted the fulfilling lifestyle of Defence personnel. The event was led by Principal Mr. R C Joshi and received active engagement from students. The objective was to create awareness about upcoming NDA entrance exam training at the school.

#DefenceServices #CareerOpportunities #IndianArmedForces

Triumph at BPS MUN: LK Singhania School Shines Bright!
 EVENT DATE: 10-13th Jul 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 14th Jul 2023

Our students excelled at the esteemed BPS Model United Nations (MUN) in Pilani, Rajasthan held from 10 July to 13 July' 2023. Out of 200 participants from renowned schools, LK Singhania School stood out in six committees. The chief executives, escort teachers, and host school students praised our students' remarkable performance.

This event proved to be a valuable learning experience, enhancing their public speaking, negotiation, and research skills. Our delegates received prestigious awards and commendations:

Karan Choudhary: Best Delegate, Rs 2500/-
Bidushi Oswal: High Commendation, Rs 1500/-
Yashaswi Rathore: High Commendation, Rs 1500/-
Neerav Agarwal: Special Mention, Rs 500/-
Shresht Dalania and Shaurya Veer Surana: Verbal Mentions.
We congratulate our exceptional students for bringing honor to LK Singhania School.

#LKSMUN #Achievements #ProudSchoo

Corporate Initiation Program (13 - 23 JUNE' 2023) - Singapore
 EVENT DATE: 13-23th Jun 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 14th Jul 2023

A team of five students Sayanm Patawari -XII, Jatin Agarwal-XII, Sanjay Heer Patel-XII, Aditya Jain-XI and Yug Khandelwal-X and a teacher Mr. R KMahapatra participated in a student exchange program called “Corporate Initiation Program” in Singapore from 13th June to 23rd June, organized by GlobalCert in collaboration with National University of Singapore which is a leading global university. It is a unique program which offered better career clarity through exposure & hands on learning and relevant training to the students. Students were glad to attend such an informative and enriching session on corporate job roles by the experts. It was a pleasure interacting with the professors of National University of Singapore on digital marketing, branding, building resumes, creating LinkedIn profiles and various presentations. Overall, the training session was well planned and meticulously executed.

Joining Forces for Innovation, Design & Entrepreneurship!
 EVENT DATE: 22-26th Jun 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 10th Jul 2023

The Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship (IDE) Bootcamp at IIT Guwahati, supported by the Ministry of Education, AICTE, and WADHWANI Foundation from 22 to 26 June 2023 united 300 participants for a transformative experience. With six daily sessions, the focus was on turning ideas into thriving businesses and securing funding for innovation. This national platform connected students with successful entrepreneurs, inspiring them to become job creators. Teacher Incharge Mr. Baljit Singh and a student Yamini Agarwal of class -XII from LK Singhania Education Centre, Gotan, made the most of this incredible opportunity.
#IDEBootcamp #Innovation #Entrepreneurship

Empowering School Health and Wellness: A Regional Workshop by CBSE, UNESCO and NCERT
 EVENT DATE: 12th May 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 16th May 2023

Recently, the CBSE in collaboration with UNESCO and NCERT conducted a five-day regional workshop from 8 May to 12 May, for master trainers on "School Health and Wellness Programme" at NCERT, New Delhi. The event aimed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and maintain the health and well-being of students. R C Joshi, Principal of L K Singhania Education Centre, participated in the workshop and gained valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in school health and wellness. Overall, the regional workshop was a resounding success. We must continue to prioritize the health and well-being of our students and work towards creating a brighter future for all.

International Icon Awards For Arts - 2023
 EVENT DATE: 5th May 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 6th May 2023

We're thrilled to honor Mr. BIPLAB KUMAR AGASTY at AGL's International Icon Awards - 2023 for his exceptional contributions to Art & Culture. His passion and dedication to preserving cultural heritage make him a true icon in his field. Congratulations to Mr. BIPLAB KUMAR AGASTY for his well-deserved recognition at AGL's International Icon Awards - 2023.

GSLC Global Edu. Icon : 2022-23
 EVENT DATE: 5th May 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 6th May 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our Principal, Mr. RC Joshi, has been chosen as The Global Edu Icon of the Year 2022-23 by the Global School Leaders' Consortium (GSLC). As a global community of school leaders, GSLC aims to facilitate the synergy of ideas for excellence in education, and we are proud that our Principal has been recognized for his outstanding leadership in this field.

This is a moment of pride for all of us, and we congratulate Mr. RC Joshi on this prestigious achievement. The Management, Staff, and children of our school are excited to see the school touch new heights under his able leadership. We are inspired by his dedication and commitment to education and look forward to his continued leadership in shaping the future of our school.

#GlobalEduIcon #GSLC #ExcellenceInEducation #ProudMoment #Inspiration #Leadership

CBSE Education Conclave 2023
 EVENT DATE: 28-29th Apr 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 5th May 2023

CBSE recently hosted a two-day GEN FORUM: ED CONCLAVE 2023 in Bangalore on 28th and 29th April, more than 750 Schools' delegates attended the conclave from across the country. From LKSEC School Vice Principal Mr. PR Kumar and HoD - IT Mr. Sandeep Sharma attended the Conclave. The Conclave covered a range of topics, including the National Education Policy - 2020 (NEP 2020), Hybrid Learning, Digital Literacy Program, Financial Literacy Program, Skill Hub Program, and Adolescent Health Program.

The event featured several eminent personalities from the Government, prominent educationists, and leaders who spoke on these topics to enlighten the delegates. Prof. T. G. Sitharam, Chairman of the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman of the NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY FORUM (NETF) Govt of India, and Dr. Abhbay Jera, Vice Chairman of AICTE were among the speakers. Dr. Sridhar Srivastava, Joint Director of NCERT, Dr. Biswajit Saha, Director of CBSE, and Dr. Raj Nehru, Vice Chancellor of Shri Vishwakarma Skill University India's First Skill University were also present.

The various sessions at the conclave were educative and informative for all the participants. The discussions covered important aspects of education policy, hybrid learning, and various skill development programs that are essential for the growth of the Indian education system. The event was an excellent opportunity for educators and stakeholders to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Overall, CBSE's GEN FORUM: ED CONCLAVE 2023 was a great success.

Round Square Zoom Postcard Event : Immigration in the Global Context
 EVENT DATE: 21st Apr 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 22nd Apr 2023

A 60 minute zoom call event on the theme 'immigration in the global Context' took place today from 8.30 pm. It was meant for senior students. They participated and expressed their views on the theme. The host was Cate school in USA. Around 120 participants from 24 schools in 10 countries (Argentina, Armenia, Canada, China, Colombo, Peru, Pakistan, UAE, USA and India) participated in it. Such events based on global theme adds to the understanding of the children and help them to refresh and renew their views to equate with the global run of affairs.

Global Up GCC Educator 2023 - Collaborative Project AFS USA & AFS India
 EVENT DATE: 10th Apr 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 10th Apr 2023

We are proud to announce that one of our esteemed teachers, Mr. Devendra Singh, has been selected as a finalist in the Global Up GCC for Educator Program sponsored by AFS USA in collaboration with AFS India. This program aims to develop global competence and intercultural learning among educators, and we are delighted that Mr. Singh has been recognized for his outstanding commitment to education and his passion for fostering cultural exchange and understanding.

Out of the 67 teachers from 49 schools in India who applied for this program, only 15 educators have been selected, and Mr. Singh is one of them. His selection is a testament to his dedication to provide our students with a holistic and culturally diverse education.

At Lala Kamlapat Singhania Education Centre, we strive to create an environment that fosters a love for learning and encourages students to become global citizens. We are fortunate to have educators like Mr. Singh who is committed to provide our students with his skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Mr. Devender Singh for this well-deserved recognition.

Round Square Zoom Postcard Event
 EVENT DATE: 29th Mar 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 01st Apr 2023

On 29 March 7 students of Middle School participated in a Round Square Zoom postcard event that began at 5 pm. The theme of the event was 'Music and Moods'. It was nicely hosted by the 8th class students of Dhirubhai Ambani School, India. All the participants were quite happy to interact with the host and give their views in the baraza session. The keynote speakers were the alumni of the host school, who are professionally successful in the field of music. All in all, it was a very good event for the children.

End Term Educational Excursion to Jaipur
 EVENT DATE: 30th Mar 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 31st Mar 2023

The end of the exams announced the advent of an exquisite trip to the majestic, royal and vibrant city of Jaipur.

The students of Senior School at LKSEC embarked on an educational excursion to Jaipur, which proved to be a memorable experience. The first day of their journey was filled with excitement as they visited Pink Pearl Water Park, a place that ignited joy and enthusiasm in every heart. The students relished the water slides and rides, as their faces were lit up with smiles of pure elation.

Subsequently, they visited the World Trade Park and Gourav Tower, where they explored various facets of the city. After a day of exploration and adventure, the students retired to their luxurious hotel rooms, brimming with a sense of contentment and fulfilment.

The second day commenced with a visit to Fun Kingdom - an Amusement Park that was bound to create an everlasting impact on the young minds. Additionally, the students had the privilege to visit the iconic Amer Fort, which stood as a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage. Later in the evening, the students paid a visit to the exquisite Birla Temple, a place of tranquillity and devotion. The night concluded with a mesmerizing DJ Night that left everyone tapping their feet to the beats of the music.

On the third day of the excursion, the students were taken to the Birla Planetarium, where they were exposed to the wonders of science and astrology. This experience kindled their curiosity, and they actively participated in resolving their queries, displaying a keen interest in learning and expanding their knowledge.

The recent excursion of Senior School students at LKSEC to Jaipur was both fun and educative. The students returned refreshed and eager for the new school session, having gained a diverse range of experiences that broadened their horizons and enriched their understanding of the world. The memories of the trip will undoubtedly remain etched in their minds as a testament to their invaluable educational journey.

Class Toppers Announced!
 EVENT DATE: 28th Mar 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 29th Mar 2023

Exciting news from the School Assembly!
Principal Mr. RC Joshi announced the names of the School Toppers for Classes IX and XI, for the Session 2022-23.

1. ISHANT ROY - 98.72
2. ARYAN SHROFF - 98.61
3. ISHITA MANDA - 97.56
4. TAMANNA - 95.39
5. VIDUSHI PANT - 95.22


A big congratulations to these hardworking students who truly earned their positions. Principal Mr. RC Joshi praised their dedication and encouraged them to continue striving for success in the next class and session.

Well done, everyone! #SchoolToppers #HardWorkPaysOff #Congratulations #TenaciousTuesday

Felicitation of Teachers
 EVENT DATE: 28th Mar 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 29th Mar 2023

Bal Education Trust, New Delhi conducted National Level Debates for students of Middle School and Senior Secondary level students all across the nation in the months of January and February 2023. Four Senior Teachers of LK Singhania Education Centre, Gotan were selected to judge the competition at various levels namely District, State and National. Mr. Yasim Khan, Ms. Kajal Sharma, Mr. Manoj Kumar and Mrs. Manibha Dutta who acted as judge in various levels were felicitated with Medals, Certificates and Gifts by the Principal of the institution Mr. RC Joshi on 28th of March 2023.

Outstanding Performance
 EVENT DATE: 27th Mar 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 29th Mar 2023

We're thrilled to announce the outstanding performance of our students in the Extramarks LIVE Classes!

Throughout the academic session 2022-23, we conducted special classes in Hybrid mode with Extramarks, and the students who opted for it showed remarkable dedication and commitment. They attended the evening and night sessions to give online tests for practice purposes, and their hard work paid off!

We're proud to say that Extramarks has shortlisted students class-wise based on their academic performance and attendance. These students have been awarded certificates and prizes according to their position.

We applaud all the students who participated and put in their best effort. Your passion for learning is truly inspiring!

Class 8th
1st Position - Daksh Bagrodia
2nd Position - Aarush Mishra
3rd Position - Tanay Chirania

Class 9th
1st Position - Aryan Shroff
2nd Position - Pranjal Baranwal
3rd Position - Dikshit Jain

Class 10th
1st Position - Daksh Vaswani
2nd Position - Kunal Agarwal
3rd Position - Achyut Agarwal

Highest Attendance in Extramarks LIVE Classes
Class 8th - Yuvraj Singh Rathore
Class 9th - Riyansh Agarwalla
Class 10th - Daksh Vaswani

Let's keep up the excellent work and continue striving for academic excellence!

Career Guidance Session
 EVENT DATE: 2nd Mar 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 27th Mar 2023

On March 2, LKSEC organized a Career Guidance Session led by experienced Senior Counselors and Trainers, Ms. Pooja Madan and Ms. Apoorva Sarna from Extramarks. The aim was to motivate and inspire students to plan for their future growth and careers.

The session covered available career options for commerce students and presented alternative and extensive career options to broaden the students' knowledge and outlook. Guidelines for the CUET exams and other important entrances were also explained.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions about courses, examinations, and their anxieties about the future. The session concluded with the Principal, Mr. RC Joshi, emphasizing the role of mindset and willpower in achieving goals and wishing all the students a bright future.

Brilliant effort made by all the students who actively participated and asked meaningful questions! Let's continue to plan and work towards our goals!

#CareerGuidance #LKSEC #BrightFuture

Pipe Band Takes Second!
 EVENT DATE: 22-24th Mar 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 27th Mar 2023

From 22 March to 24 March 2023, our School's Pipe Band Team participated in the IPSC Band Competition - 2023 held at Scindia School in Gwalior. We are thrilled to announce that our team achieved Second Position in the Pipe Band Category, bringing honor to School. The Team was presented with a Trophy for their accomplishment, and all 21 students received Achievement Certificates.

The team was led by Master Sumukh Brahma, with 10 students as Band pipers and another 10 students as drummers. Their impressive performance was made possible through the excellent guidance of Band Master Mr. Hari Ram.

We are incredibly proud of our students for their hard work and dedication, which allowed them to achieve such an outstanding result. Principal Mr. RC Joshi commended the young band commanders.

Badminton coach wins Gold @ ANO (JW NCC) Training Gwalior !
 EVENT DATE: 06th Mar-19th Apr 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 27th Mar 2023

Our Badminton Coach, Ms. Shashi Kushwah, has made us proud once again! She participated in the Pre Commission Course (JW NCC) 110 at Officers Training Academy, Gwalior from 6th March to 19th April 2023 and won the Gold Medal in the Badminton Championship.

We congratulate Ms. Kushwah on her achievement and appreciate her hard work and dedication towards the sport. Her efforts have brought glory to our school and we are grateful to have her as our coach.

Our Principal, Mr. RC Joshi, has also praised her accomplishments and wished her all the best for her future endeavors. Let's give a big round of applause to our champion!

Round Square Conference @ Daly College, Indore
 EVENT DATE: 23rd-27thFeb 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 10th Mar 2023

Eight LKSians from Class VII and VIII Deepak Jaiswal, Naitik Banka, Nirnay Jain, Ved Saradava, Manthan Parihar, Lakshay Agrawal and Keshav Agrawal participated in the Round Square Conference ‘Baaltantra’ hosted by Daly College in Indore from 23rd-27th February. The theme of the Conference was ‘Democracy'. Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa graced the event as the Chief Guest and in his address, he applauded India and its citizens for being the largest democratic setup in the world.

Thought-provoking and interactive Baraza Sessions were conducted for the participants wherein students discussed the importance of democracy and the roadblocks in the progress of the economy and the education system of a democratic country in their respective groups. Another Braza session was maneuvered by the motivational speaker, Master Avi Sharma to highlight the leadership lessons from the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita and listening to the well- known comedian Anuvab Pal was followed by adventure activities for the delegates. Our LKSians also actively participated in various Visual Art activities. The Conference winded up with the historic Civic Walk to bring forward the essence of democracy. During their stay at Indore, the Team LKS participated in the cultural evenings organised by the host school and also visited Mandu- the ruined city, palace of Baaz Bahadur and Roopmati Mahal Jama Masjid, Jahaj Palace, Raj Wada, Chappan Dukan. The conference enriched the understanding of the concept of ‘Democracy’ and its relevance in today’s time. It was a thrilling experience for young students.

Kodaverse Coding Workshop @ LKSEC
 EVENT DATE: Jan-Feb 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 06th Mar 2023

School conducted a two months AI Coding Workshop – KODAVERSE CODING WORKSHOP from JAN to FEB’23 for the classes from VI to IX with the association of Avidia Labs, Bengaluru.

Students learned how to create games in 2D and 3D, how animation and graphics works . In today’s world technology is so important and every 21st century child should have a chance to learn about algorithms, students have discovered and explored their imagination into reality by creating 360 degree simulations, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality scenes in the classroom by using visual coding.

After the 2 months workshop Avidia Labs conducted a Test Series and felicitated those students with Achievement Certificate plus a kit who performed extraordinary in the tests.

Principal Sir praised the efforts of the students and underlined the need of these skills for the students and said the coming time is of AI and all the students must be equipped with all these concepts and techniques.

 EVENT DATE: 17-19th Feb 2023     PUBLISHED DATE: 03rd Mar 2023

Viraj Shri Ram Centennial School, Boisar, Maharashtra hosted the AFS Regional meet on 17th Feb to 19th Feb in which 14 AFS member schools participated. Our school team was represented by Master Somya Agal, Master Isheet Ostwal from XI Class and AFS Co-ordinator Mr. RK Mahapatra.

It was a wonderful experience being a part of the AFS Team. We all were greeted with Maharashtrian traditional Pheta (which is the Marathi name for traditional turban worn in Maharashtra) and exuberating theme based cultural programmes on day 1. We had been enlightened with thought provoking sessions on two days followed by refreshing outings. Some of the highlights of the meet were Star Gazing, Beaches, Chikoo Festivals, Workshop and Informative Sessions and Horse riding. We were glad to attend such an informative and enriching session which was meticulously planned and executed. To sum up, it was a pleasure to interact with the delegates from different schools and look forward to more such meets in the days to come. We thank our School Principal Mr. RC Joshi for giving us this opportunity to attend the meet.