The Mock Parliamentary Session

Getting the flavor of the mock parliamentary session with lots of opposition and counter opposition by the prospective leaders in the opposition and  the leaders at the governance amazed  everyone in the audience  as they didn’t seem to be doing it  as a part of school’s parliamentary debate but rather reflected the impact of the real parliamentary ones. Good leaders!!!

Science Project Selected for National Level

This year CBSE Science Exhibition was hosted by Springdel School, Jaipur. About 47 schools of Jaipur region have participated in this mega event. There were 83 exhibits depicted in beautiful galleries of Springdel school. The exhibition was inaugurated by Ex Navy Chief Admiral Madhvendra Singh. The main theme of this exhibition was Scientific and Mathematical Innovation. There were five sub themes – Agriculture, Energy Health, Environment and resource. Each school have to make two projects from the given list of themes. Our school made two projects related to Agriculture and Health. Agriculture project was made by Taruna Godara of class XII and Sujal Tater of IX class; where as “ Health Project” was made by Pooja Jaiswal and Mayank Verma of class XII.

It is a matter of proud that our one project “ Health” is selected for National level and our two students Pooja Jaiswal and Mayank Verma got merit certificate.

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