Campus infrastructure

Junior School

The Junior School building accommodates around 750 students in its well furnished classrooms. The Junior School which was started in a single room in 1984 with seventeen students and one teacher today stands as a huge complex comprising Administrative Block, Middle School, Junior School, Primary Wing and Pre-primary Wing. In addition to the classrooms, the Junior School building has a well equipped library with more than 20000 books and subscriptions of more than 30 magazines. Its all new computer lab with round-the-clock internet connection serves the needs of the students of 21 century.

The junior school also has Fine Arts room, Mathematics and science Labs with all modern amenities. In the Primary wing there is a big shady park for the amusements of little kids. The management and administration has special concern for the Junior School and so always has some exciting plans for maintaining its always-one-step-ahead image.


Senior School

Encircling a huge lush green lawn stands the Senior School building. This building came in to existence in the year 1996 as a part of school expansion plan. It accommodates around 900 students of classes IX to XII.

Its spacious, airy and naturally light classrooms make the teaching-learning process convenient and comfortable for the students and teachers. It goes without saying that the Senior School has all sorts of Science Labs, Biotechnology Lab, Mathematics Lab, Computer Lab, Web Point, Audio-visual Room, Lecture Theaters and what not. The Senior School also has Hobby Centers for the students to explore and enjoy their hobbies like Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Music, Singing etc. All these give us and our students a proud feel that we do belong to a school of 21st century.



Creating avenues for students in the world today are not a difficult task but challenging, certainly. Knowing that learning is actually acquired not taught and advocating the theory of having students under observation and care throughout the day, LKSEC promotes the system of Hostels. The school has 9 boarding houses-Abhimanyu, Ashoka, Dhruv, Kabir, Narmda & Kaveri (for girls), Prahalad, Tagore & Vivekanand.

Huge emphasis is laid on their all round development. Comprehensive and quality education is imparted in all sincerity and earnestness, not only by way of the formidably high academic standards, but also developing all faculties of the intellectual, physical and ethical personality. The essence of our educational pattern is to help children grow up to become rational intellectuals, socially concerned human beings and to foster desirable attributes of character like honesty, courage, self confidence, integrity and resourcefulness with a view to make them morally strong and socially responsible.

The mentors are always up in moulding the wet clay to take a socially acceptable form and encourage them to become trendsetter of future. It aims at imparting the much needed education of today. The Hostel buildings are designed to cater to the needs and comfort of boarders.

School Mess
An air-conditioned hall, some light soothing music on and cleanliness spread in every nook and corner- what more one can ask for then this while having meals. And the School Mess dinning halls meet all these prerequisites.
– The Senior Mess has FOUR Dining Halls where more than 600 students sit and have meals at a time.
– The Junior Mess has FOUR Dining Halls where more than 500 students sit and have meals at a time.
– The Newly Constructed Girls Mess has FOUR Dining Halls where more than 600 students sit and have meals at a time.

In the menu, changes are made as the seasons change consulting the Nutrition and Diet Experts. The likings and tastes of the students are also taken in to consideration in deciding the menu for every season.

Fine Art Club
The school Fine Arts Club strives hard to develop a deep sense of beauty among the students and train the children to draw their appreciation and understanding of beauty around them on the canvas. The students begin with sketching simple objects then they learn different tones and how to show shadow and give shades.
After getting a good command over the basics, the children enjoy and explore the areas of their interests like emboss painting, collage making, glass painting, cartooning or other forms of art like paper made sculpture, clay modeling etc.


The club also invites artists from outside to conduct workshops for the students and such workshops help the students move towards perfection in the fields of their interest.

Music Club
Music is often being called as window into the essence of human nature. Music binds the symphony of heart and soul, saga, and ragas of life rest with music, the harmony of life depends upon music. In short music can be perceived as indelible episode in the unending series of emotions, thought and activities.

This creativity is given due importance in our school touching both vital aspects of theory and practical all the cherished and nourished dreams of our school students to become like Beetle, Sinatra, Sousa and many other are nurtured in the musical arena of our school. A clear cut profile of all aspects of music ranging from Jazz to folk is made easily accessible to young budding musicians whether percussionist instrumentalist or vocalist.


The music lab has the recording room for learning the aspects of mixing, editing etc. at the same time A.C. furnished laboratory with new computerized music system added grandeur to it.
Under guidance and training of music teachers complicated aspects of rhythm, meter, tempo, loudness and harmony is made trivially easy for the students. With changing times, new innovations are always taken by the faculty to walk abreast with rest.

Laboratories –

(A) Biotechnology Lab
Biotechnology is perceived as a revolutionary branch of science poised to emerge as a significant force on the global map. Realizing this potential impact of biotechnology LKS had established biotech lab in the year 2006.

It is a hi-tech lab well equipped with all modern instruments like submarine electrophoresis spectrophotometer, UV transilluminator, laminar air flow, auto clave etc. Various clinical experiments like cell viability, blood group analysis, blood glucose estimation & also molecular biology experiments like DNA isolation, transformation are performed using biotech teaching kits. A Distillation plant has been installed so as to provide double distilled water for experimental purposes.

Pc with net facilities have been provided to carry out bio informatics practicals. ACs have been installed so as to maintain suitable invitro condition for performing experiments related to plant tissue culture. Our able faculty members believe that “You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him discover it” & following this belief we guide the students to discover new vistas.


 (B) Computer Science Lab

In the present world, it is very difficult to live without computer knowledge. The School lays emphasis on computer education from classes III to X. In classes XI to XII, Computer Science and Informatics Practices are one of the optional subjects. The School has THREE computer labs, equipped with state of the art latest technology. The students are encouraged to use the internet.

(C) Chemistry Lab
To invent, you need a good imagination & a pile of junk. Our faculty members focus on this aspect. They impart sound practical knowledge so that the students can think beyond the realms of possibility. To imagine & invent something novel we have well equipped chemistry lab. chemla

The lab consists of instruments like distillation apparatus, centrifuge, viscosity apparatus, Kipps apparatus, balances etc. Various polythene ware, porcelain ware & glass wares like conical flask, burette, pipette, test tubes, and beakers find a place in the lab. Chemical apparatus like Bunsen burner, burette stand, water bath, crucible tong have been provided for experimental purposes. Rexin coated charts provide information on topics like periodicity of elements, shapes of atomic orbitals, Isomerism, Metallurgy etc.

An array of desired chemicals has been provided for various testing & analysis. Material safety data sheet (MSDS) which provides information on the usage of chemicals & precautions to be adopted white using them is also present in the lab. Our qualified faculty members put in maximum efforts so as to develop practical inclination for the subject among the students.

(D) Mathematics Lab
We have two mathematics labs, one for junior students, and another more advanced for the senior students. The state-of-the-art Mathematics lab which had its inception as early as 2005 plays a crucial role in the higher secondary curriculum.


Mathematics lab has been developed by the teachers to inculcate analytical and logical thinking among our students. Our Mathematics lab is fully equipped and fosters love for mathematics among the students. The lab also enables teachers to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures and posters.

Our highly qualified and experienced faculty makes extensive use of the laboratory to explain various concepts and impart a strong practical slant to the entire learning process.

The laboratory is a novel concept, which enables students to learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems using tools such as the Geometers sketchpad.

The Mathematics lab helps students to understand, internalize, discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations, thus building interest and confidence in students learning the subject.

The laboratory also encourages students to think and discuss among themselves as well as with the teacher thus helping assimilate concepts.

(E) Biology Lab
Biology is the science of life. To vividly capture the glimpses of the living we have well equipped biology lab. Lab is well furnished with instruments like microscope, oven, Haemometer, centrifuge required for various experimental processes.


An array of chemicals have been provided to early out biochemical have been provided to carry out biochemical processes like testing of salivary amylase sugar content, urea content & blood urine. Various specimens related to morphological studies & even depicting life history of mosquitoes, honey bees also find a place in the lab. Beautiful models of ear, heart, brain, DNA, kidney have also been placed in the lab.

Lab consists of good collection of charts, slides, coloured transparency & a slide projector has also been installed for better understanding of students. A team of hard working faculty makes extensive use of the lab so as to enhance practical inclination of the students towards the subject.

(F) Physics Lab
If you cannot picture it, you cannot understand it. Our qualified & experienced faculty members staunchly support this viewpoint & so we make the best possible efforts to acquaint the students with the practical aspect of the subject. To suffice our needs so as to generate practical mindset in the students we have well furnished physics lab with the latest technologies.


Lab is well equipped with instruments like Potentiometer, Optical benches, Sonometer, Resonance tube etc. required for various experimental purposes. For better understanding of the concepts we have also added instruments like Fortin’s barometer, Zener diode apparatus, logic gate apparatus etc. in the lab. Charts & Models on various topics like Electricity, Heat & Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Optics and Magnetism also find a place in the lab. Time to time, the students are encouraged to make projects & working models so as to inculcate scientific temperament.

Games & Sports
LKSEC always gives superfluous importance to Games and Sports. A lot of sports and extra curricular activities that are organized from time to time in the schools are helpful in the overall development of the students.

The management never fails to acknowledge the potential of future sports-strengths. The sports facilities provided for the children by the school management are a testimony of the realization of that. The boys and girls from the junior sections are distributed in various games. It is scheduled in such a way that they get to learn each game for 1 month and then they move to other games. In the middle sections, the children get the opportunity to give their choices in the beginning of the session. They join that game throughout the year. Senior students play the game which they select in the beginning of the session.
Games and sports are compulsory for every student. The physical activities start at early morning at 5.30. The children are divided in groups and they do Yogaasanaa.


The school has infrastructure for nearly all types of sports activities. The School Administration runs a well equipped sports complex. The school is well equipped to cater to player’s need in sports like swimming, athletics, tennis, gyms, football and cricket etc. The school offers a wide range of opportunities from mass P.T to the field events. Compulsory participation in games keeps the children physically and mentally fit.

Sports have become a sort of oxygen for our prestigious institution. The school gives all exciting opportunity to the young potential children and sports activity is the first step in transforming potentiality into reality.

The school management and the administration always give special emphasis on sports towards contribution to the all round development of children. And this is what sets the school apart in the growing milieu of public schools.


A collection of sports events that involve running, jumping and throwing are organized to the pinnacle of success. It is popularly called ‘track and field’. The events are usually organized on a 200 m running track, wherein most of the sports activities, such as field events, jumping and throwing take place. Right from track running activities, such as sprints, middle distance, long distance, hurdling to throwing, jumping and composite activities, Athletics in our school offers a lot of variety to the sports-lovers.


The surfaced courts and new baskets serve as the open classrooms where children not only learn fundamentals such as dribbling, shooting, and passing towards adding to a rich history of basketball achievements of our school but inter school and basketball competition at the national level can also be organized.We have 4 courts that allow for better training to the future stars of basketball. The excitement of the children in today’s clinic illustrates the growing passion for sports amongst the children in our school.


The school has one synthetic court and 5 cemented courts with floodlights. Two 2 mini courts and a practice wall are also there where children learn the rules of the games. Conducive environment for specific coaching and training on scientific basis is provided in the sports complex to achieve the aim. In most of the tennis competitions, the school’s tennis team has excelled placing itself within the first three. Today, the team has become synonymous with the achievement itself.

Football, Cricket and Hockey

Football ground with grass and a splendid cricket ground with 3 cemented pitch and 1 clay pitch for net practice also include in the sports facilities. The school has a separate Hockey ground where the children are given regular practice in the evening. The school has a cricket ground which becomes the venue for a number of interschool cricket matches. Day and night matches can also be played here as the ground has facility of flood lights. Ground with grass matt for hockey matches is in the anvil.


In our school the popularity of the Volleyball games has gained momentum. The school has 4 volleyball courts. We have scientific training process by qualified and experienced coach who polishes the talents of the children. They get full-fledged facility and training towards becoming top rankers at the national level participation.

Table Tennis

Table tennis in India has come a long way from being an after-dinner amusement to a professional sport. The game has gained a reasonable popularity in our school. The school has 7 tables. The children are encouraged for participation under the efficient training by our coach. The children are always found eager to learn and exhibit their talents and this confirms that the popularity of this game has not nose-dived. Lawn Tennis court in the campus is the pride of the school and has been the venue of many intra and interschool competitions.

Swimming pool


INDOOR STADIUM (Badminton, Table Tennis and Squash)




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